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Dave Snyder


February 7, 2013 (Updated: May 4, 2023)


I am a very active reader, and my library is mostly stocked with business books.

Few books have had the impact on me personally that Delivering Happiness has.

The reason I am so fond of this book is because of the way Tony Hsieh clearly delivered not only the ascension of Zappos to greatness, but more importantly because of how difficult it was. When things are going in a direction I don’t like at CopyPress I either pop on my Audible version of the book, or break open my print version to get motivated.

One of the core concepts of the book that I adopted into my management style was the focus on culture.

CopyPress’ Culture

My philosophy on company culture grew not only from what I have read, but also my own experiences in business.

There are two approaches to culture building in my mind:

1) The Concrete Culture

2) The Organic Culture

Leaders that institute a “concrete culture” build their version of whatever a solid company culture is. It is clearly defined, and people that step out of those confines find themselves as outsiders. This culture fits the leaders personality and values, and isn’t necessarily a view of the personality of the group.

Leaders that institute an “organic culture” approach culture as a living thing. Sure you can use a a structure to help a plant grow in the right direction, but you can’t control a plant. Leaders that employ this culture set a foundation of values that match the companies passion and goals, and allow the community to grow their culture naturally from there. This doesn’t mean grow wildly with no constraint, but letting it live and breathe, trimming where needed.

This is latter is what we are cultivating at CopyPress.

The Structure

At CopyPress, our core values serve as the structural guide.

When we created the culture book we allowed our staff to openly comment on our core values to articulate them to each other, new hires and customers.

The culture book came out better than I planned, and that’s because the people at CopyPress really care about what we are building for each other: our community.

Check out the book and let us know your thoughts. This will become a yearly tradition for us.

Download the CopyPress Culture Book now!

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