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Snyde Comments: “Dance Moms” Is the End of Our Civilization

Snyde Comments is going to be a tongue-in-cheek reflection of the content I have consumed every week. If you are offended, I don’t care. You should just chill out and enjoy your weekend. I find this content while surfing the web; this is the part of my job that makes my wife yell, “All you do is play on Reddit and Facebook all day!”

Here at CopyPress we talk a lot about how emotions affect the shareability and stickiness of content. Well, this week I got a healthy serving size of loathing in the form of a lovely show called, “Dance Moms”.

Abby Lee Miller

The basic premise of the show is this:

One lady (who has no real resume) has a fledgling dance studio. A bunch of overbearing mothers that live vicariously through their daughters bring their kids to this wonderful person to exploit them. Mental abuse and hilarity ensues. But mostly mental abuse.

I hated every second of the show , but I had to watch, only because I was so repulsed by it. On top of that, I have had the memory of this grotesque display replaying in my head ALL week.

This is an exceptional example of how a strong emotional response can make something sticky. I won’t be tuning in to watch that trash again, but I sure have had it stuck in my brain. So many people point at the Internet and scream, “You are making us dumber!”. “Dance Moms” gives the Internet an awesome way to point back and say “Seriously?!”.

Just in case you have forgotten how the concept of basic emotions works, (meaning we haven’t beaten the concept to death yet) check out this fancy infographic I found on Visually.

 Plutchick’s Wheel of Basic Emotions

Robert Plutchik

And then, there is AWESOME!

On things that don’t suck, I found a pretty cool EP this week. Cypress X Rusko is a collaboration between Cypress Hill and dubstep producer Rusko. This EP was actually released in June, but I am slow, so I just found it this week.

This EP and the above video in particular, are a pretty awesome example of how powerful a mashup can be. For me this doesn’t have to be music only.

Epic Meal Time is an awesome mashup of food, and often themes as well.

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Facebook Likes and rankings could achieve high correlation without Likes being a ranking factor

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