The following is an open letter from the CopyPress CEO, Dave Snyder to our staff, customers, and contractors.
Dear Partners and Customers –
The last 6 months of CopyPress’ life have been all about restoration. We had come to a point in our company lifecycle where we needed to take a hard look at our products and be willing to tear down and rebuild. As is the case with all restorations, the beginning phase of this process was not fun. We had to destroy and throw away pieces of the company that we once thought had value. We had to shift attention to other products, and all while attempting to grow sales to support the shift. Our team had to go through major sacrifices during this time. And while we were focusing on the restoration process, we lost sight of our cultural growth.  Now that our restoration project is almost complete, our culture has once again become our focus, and with that we wanted to roll out our core values to everyone that has supported our growth.

  1. Humility

Being self-confident is always important, but self-confidence ends where arrogance begins. I have been involved with companies that have managers that think they are more important than staff, and that believe a customer’s role is to yield to their expertise. CopyPress will constantly strive to empower its employees and its customers alike. Furthermore, we will always respect the opinions of our customers, community, and staff, as we realize that amazing ideas develop from all levels. The day that you forget the value of other people is the day that you become closed to growth opportunities.

  1. Community

To CopyPress, “Community” has several meanings:

  1. Our contractor community
  2. Our in-house staff
  3. Our home base of Tampa
  4. The Internet marketing community
  5. Our customers

Each of these communities is vital to our future success. We want to help educate, empower, and inform each of these groups.  We want to develop a true sense of unity among each group. We want CopyPress to change and enrich lives, and not just be a company that is focused on profit or offering marketing products.

  1. The Customer Comes First

Sometimes business owners think customers exist to help them build their business. We know that we exist to help customers grow their business.  We don’t just care about our customers, we listen to what they need, and we grow our products based on what we hear. At CopyPress we feel we actually have two customer sets. The first is the paying customer, and the second is our community of contractors which help us generate revenue and whom we must support with products and services. Our staff will go to any lengths to make sure that each of these groups has a WOW experience.

  1.  Commitment to Learning and Testing

Next week we are launching an education portal for our staff, community, and customers. We will be offering full-scale courses and testing on content marketing, SEO, and other marketing tactics. We will also be posting our webinars and ebooks as a resource in this location. All at no cost! We believe that education is power, and empowering our staff, customers, and contractors will lead to a stronger CopyPress. We hope you will stop by next week to take a look at our first round of courses, and see how hard we work to certify our contractor base.

  1. Quality Above Profits

This is another core value produced from my distaste for the standard I see in other companies. Margins don’t make a business, retention makes a business.  You can definitely build a business by sucking as much profit out of a company as quickly as possible, but the hard part is sleeping at night. It’s a lot easier to just make awesome products that make customers stick around, even if it means you can’t pack it up after 6 months and head out of Dodge. We put the happiness of our customers ahead of financial gain 100% of the time, because it is the right ethical and business decision.

  1. “Impossible” Does Not Exist

Not only am I banning the word “Impossible” from our community, but I am going to throw out the word “Try” as well. As Yoda said, “ Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

If we put all of our other values in play there is nothing we can’t do together.

What’s the first major project? Become the market leader in crowdsourced content marketing.

  1.  Our Team is Our Family

This is the perfect way to round out our list.

There is not a more important concept to remember than this: As a team, CopyPress spends more time during weekday hours with each other than their actual families. If there isn’t love there, it will be replaced with something else, and that doesn’t result in a good situation. As I noted before, our team has been through a lot, and pain causes growth; we have gone through that together. Anyone else that comes in has to be a fit for this cultural bond that is beyond deep. We all share a single vision, and this includes our contractors whom we see as extended family, and our customers.


The next 6 months of the life of this company are going to be an exciting challenge. We are going to take the restored product set we have created, and meld it with our core values in a march to reach our goal. We look forward to making that march with each of you.


Dave Snyder