If you’ve heard my story before, then you know I used to be a teacher.

While everyone speaks publicly for different reasons, my main motivator is the opportunity to continue educating. I love teaching people. Here at CopyPress we have a large focus on education, and we will be rolling out more to publicly show off this passion.

The reason I love teaching is because it allows me to give something to someone that they can use forever. Whether it’s teaching an English lesson or an art class, you are relaying skills that can change a person’s life. Furthermore, the fact that not everyone you instruct will have a life-converting experience makes the ones that do all the more special.

This week CopyPress had one of our writers drive all the way down from Alabama to sit in our office and be trained by our team on using our connection creation product. Most companies wouldn’t be bothered with what they may perceive as a distraction. We welcomed her with open arms, scheduled time for her with several members of our team, and made sure she got everything she needed in terms of instruction.

This is nowhere near a selfless act. We know that if we educate and train our community properly, then it will help us to continue our mission of being the premier crowd-sourced content marketing company, and help us further develop tools that help marketers attack the content life cycle.

But we still don’t need to do it.

Just like we don’t need to listen to our customers as we build our products.

Since the beginning of CopyPress, we have had clients in our software solutions well before they were probably mature enough to handle them. However, this has always given us an advantage of developing a product that people actually want, as we receive both the negative and positive feedback. Too often people who are building software simply build, release, and wait. The idea being that the awesomeness of their product is exactly what the market is looking for, as it exists in its current iteration, at the current time. Then they find out that they must change, but too much time has passed.

The Lean Startup concept is an approach to startup building that CopyPress has employed to assure that we don’t get too far down the product lifecycle without knowing for sure if we are even on to something.

In a way, this process is very similar to the Socratic method. The Socratic Method is the process of asking and answering questions to spark creative thought on a topic. Quick product releases allow for this by laying a series of features in front of a user and saying, “Do you like these?”, “How do you use them?” etc.  You get feedback, you iterate, you repeat.

As you can see we consider learning, education, and training to be something bigger than once a week or monthly meetings. We live, breath, and touch learning everyday through our shared experiences of growing this company. It is a cultural element that is second to none.

At CopyPress education is in our bones. We plan on teaching writers how to expand their networks, skillsets, and entrepreneurial skillsets. We plan on teaching our staff how to stretch themselves beyond the confines of their job title to achieve more in their personal growth. We plan on teaching all of us that a shared vision is possible of coming true.