It’s that time of year again where we break out the cleaning supplies to mop, dust and cover every nook and cranny with cleaner. That’s right, spring cleaning has arrived in homes all over the world. I don’t know about you, but cleaning and reworking the home isn’t my favorite thing to do… but once it’s done I feel like a brand new person.

What if we applied this same concept to our marketing strategy? You know, throw out, refine, dust-off the old marketing techniques to get something new, sparkly and fresh? I think it would make a whole bunch of marketing managers feeling new, sparkly and fresh too.


So Last Season: Guest Posting Galore

Guest posting is a proven strategy that works. Your benefits:

  • Increasing traffic
  • Gaining in Authority
  • Building a Stronger Audience and Influencers
  • Brand Awareness

But it’s not an outreach technique that can last.

Spring Ahead by Becoming a Regular Contributor

Besides the fact that Google will likely be penalizing blogs for guest blogging this year. The benefits of becoming a regular contributor are greater than an average guest post. Contributing on a well-known blog will not just give traffic, authority, audience and brand awareness, it will increase your authorship and provide you with a relationship with that publisher.

Make sure you’re well prepared for this shift by:

  1. Contributing on blogs that allow you to have your own author bio
  2. Avoid contributing on sites that advertise guest posting or label most posts with “guest author” or “guest post”.
  3. Link your Google+ profile to the content you’re creating


So Last Season: Shareable Content Only

There’s nothing wrong with a solid piece of sharebait. But when that’s all you’re doing for your content strategy – whether on your blog or within your outreach— it’s likely to turn into white noise.

Spring Ahead with Engaging Digital Media Content

Spruce up your content by integrating digital media strategies. Whether this is a video, illustration or infographic you’ll be providing your readers and visitors with more than a piece of content but an engaging piece of media that makes them think differently.


Last Season’s Technique: Improving StumbleUpon and Facebook Campaigns

Last season you lowered the costs for your StumbleUpon and Facebook campaigns and have been able to target a more relevant audience with your ads. How can we make this even better?

Spring It Up with This Technique: Integrating Pinterest and Twitter

This season take up a notch by integrating more social networks like Pinterest and Twitter into the mix.

Keep Up With the Seasons

What about you? What are some tips and tricks that worked last season that you’ve spruced up recently or plan to spruce up? Share in the comments!