You’ve got a room full of eager employees who want to move forward with their marketing careers. Day in and day out you see them come in and work their fingers to the bone. They network. They have created LinkedIn profiles. But they’re not on Twitter. Normally, this isn’t a problem – or it wasn’t. But social media is everything now.

Twitter offers a variety of benefits to the average working professional, but it can offer even more to the professional who wants to continue with his or her growing company. Twitter can build a sense of community among employees, and help employers learn what it is their employees are into. Twitter can also be your biggest marketing tool.

Get Involved

As the main instigator of the Twitter revolution that you’re creating in the office, make sure you’re leading by example with a healthy profile of your own. Connect with your employees and let them follow you to see what works. Start conversations with your coworkers, check out what they’re into, see who they follow, and what word choice they use.

Take Action: Get up in there and create a Twitter presence for yourself. Once you’re in there, start following both teammates and your company’s audience. The more you interact, the greater your presence. Just don’t go overboard. Clicking the unfollow button is very easy.

Grow Your Community

A lot of people on the Twitter scene follow celebrities, friends, family, companies, etc. Any employer that’s willing to instigate a Twitter following among their employees can begin creating a team sense of community by encouraging their employees to start following each other while making an effort to reach out to the overall community. Building a healthy community is crucial when you have a company.

Your company is a machine and all of the cogs need to be turning and moving along in a fluid motion in order to create the right level of production. With each member of your team using Twitter, you create a family where each member begins to trust each other and connect in different areas.

Take  Action: Use your personal account to initiate a weekly group conversation. Maybe you want to bring up the specifics of an old football game, or the playoffs this season in the basketball world. Starting a conversation on a widely known subject is a great way to get people talking and interacting. Plus, it will bring Twitter users outside of your circle to the conversation.

Unleash Your Brand Ambassadors

It’s important to utilize your newly designed Twitter network to your advantage. No, that doesn’t mean take advantage or monitor your employees, that’s the worst thing you can do.

Understand that Twitter is an intense vehicle for marketing and promoting. Take a page from the WWE on that one. Most if not all of their superstars and divas have Twitter accounts. This gives them the opportunity to interact with their audiences directly, but also gives them the opportunity to reach out and promote events that are coming up. They also promote their different brands as a company while getting audience and customer feedback on new products, events, or strategies.

Take Action: Turn the topic of discussion to company news. If a few people start talking about am exciting new project or idea then it’s pretty much guaranteed that someone is going to see it and share it. There’s a reason it’s called viral. If you have an office full of viral infectants, your products and services have a great chance of reaching out and grabbing those along the way on the web.

The Big Question

How do you get your whole office to participate? Break it down in easy to understand terms that they won’t feel threatened by. Bring it up as a community building exercise that could later expand to become something greater.

Social media seems to have the uncanny ability to bring people together as a family, and what family doesn’t enjoy sharing a few recipes and dishes?