Anyone who performs a search query for ‘infographics’ can see within the first few pages of organic and paid results that there several options available to agencies and in-house teams alike looking for a vendor. Unfortunately, some are being fooled into thinking that a quality product is going to be delivered by someone offering a $99 solution to what is a more complex product than many realize.

What goes into a good finished product?

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Many other blogs and companies like to discuss their process, but we take a different approach.

We assess what is really important to a potential client.

Buying an IG isn’t just getting a pretty picture. It needs to be a product that takes into account:

  • Who the target demographic is
  • What emotions need to be conveyed
  • Why the data ties in with your products (otherwise you’re just buying that pretty picture)
  • Where the voice and tone are consistent in for your brand
  • How the graphic has an appropriate story flow

And, as I mentioned in a previous post, your Infographic needs the right promotion.

1. To accomplish all this, we like to use our questionnaire process to gather this information for the client. The ‘cheap’ services have already failed by now, as their customers get a ripped off, oversold design that might have copyright issues. That’s probably not a good thing to do if you want to keep your clients or job and inevitably result in blatant plagiarism problems.

2. After we have a good understanding on what the client needs, we can accurately quote the investment cost and prepare the appropriate documents to start engagement. As of writing this, static infographics cost around $2,000, whereas really awesome interactive IG work is custom priced based on labor time required.

3. Next is the onboarding process and ideation call. Speaking directly with your dedicated representative and the head of the production department responsible for soon-to-be-completed work, we ensure that what you want is what we’re going to deliver.

4. Once we have an idea, we start writing and completing research. As I hinted above, the content behind the data is just as important as the design; we make sure that what you are delivered is solid on all accounts.

5. Now comes the Wireframe. This really sets us and other high-quality vendors apart from the rest. Wireframing is essential when dealing with complex projects because it gives a milestone deliverable to a client, allowing for edits and directional changes to be made earlier in the overall development process versus a surprise at the end.

6. Soon we are ready to deliver the finished product. At this point, it’s ready for you to sign off on, post on your site, and accept the congratulatory backslaps on a job well done. However we don’t consider it done until you’re happy. Have some edits? Make a list and send them over.

Bam. Happiness in an image.

That’s our process in a six-step nutshell. As head of revenue, I have one ear toward new sales and one ear toward client services keeping current clients happy. I’m sick of hearing the woes of people getting ripped off thinking all infographics are the same. I dislike it so much, that I want to highlight a list of our competitors that I think are solid. If we’re going to lose business, I want it to go to someone who isn’t going to take advantage of people.

The following groups deliver quality work. While I’d rather you go here and tell me you want to work with CopyPress, it’s better that you use someone on the list below than a vendor who charges $199, $399, or even $599 and won’t deliver the product you deserve.

Some Good Vendors and samples of what they can do:

Still though, buy from me. Please?