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Tag: Facebook

Dave and Dan: Facebook Update

Facebook seems to be updating every week. Even with Timeline thoroughly in place for most of us, users still have complaints about the format change. Some people stand firmly behind […]

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How to Win a Free Link Audit for Your Website

Link building is a delicate process that can easily end up harming your reputation if not done properly. As we mention in our link building services page, not all links […]

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Auto-Share vs. Overshare: Facebook’s New “Frictionless Sharing”

The Internet at large exploded over the announcement of Facebook’s impending changes, slated to appear at the end of the month. Reactions to Facebook’s news have ranged from “It’s gonna […]

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Facebook is Changing Again. Here’s Why That’s Good News for Content Developers

The Facebook “Like” button has long been the lazy man’s way of approving something. What’s easier: finding yet another creative way to say “Congratulations” on a status update, or letting […]

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