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Tag: Social Media

Dave and Dan: Project Glass

Project Glass is Google’s newest research and development program in the form of augmented reality eyewear. Similar to smartphone technology, Project Glass will present notifications about your online life and […]

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Dave and Dan: Celebrity Pinterest Boards

It’s no secret that Pinterest is social media’s newest and brightest star. While generating buzz, it’s generating leads and increasing conversion rates for brands. It’s also serving as a virtual […]

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Dave and Dan: Facebook Update

Facebook seems to be updating every week. Even with Timeline thoroughly in place for most of us, users still have complaints about the format change. Some people stand firmly behind […]

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Hua’s IM Tips: Don’t Ambush Your Social Push

Most business owners nowadays have seen the leverage of social media as an efficient marketing tool for their businesses. They take the plunge into the social media bandwagon, adapting to […]

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5 Simple Steps to a Social Media Strategy

Today’s guest post is by Lynda Goldman. Lynda is the author of 31 books, and helps natural health companies create online and social media marketing strategies and content. She is one […]

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Most Popular Services Offered by Hua

As a small business owner, you have loads of things to attend to—providing service to your clients, organizing your finances, and distributing your products. With the amount of work on […]

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Top 10 Social Networks for Internet Businesses

Internet business people need to network just as much as everyone else does. For a business or a brand to truly become an online and household name, at some point, […]

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Facebook is Changing Again. Here’s Why That’s Good News for Content Developers

The Facebook “Like” button has long been the lazy man’s way of approving something. What’s easier: finding yet another creative way to say “Congratulations” on a status update, or letting […]

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