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Is Your Web Design Killing Your Conversion Rates?

Is your web design killing your conversion rates? Unless you’ve experimented with another design, how do you know? It’s simple: you don’t. The smallest changes can mean a world of difference […]

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5 Web Design Mistakes That Can Kill Your Traffic

Today’s guest post is by Stephanie C. Stephanie is a stay at home mother of five. In her spare time, she enjoys weight training, jogging, and gardening. Follow her posts and more […]

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7 Steps to Getting Your Website Off to a Great Start

Today’s guest post comes from Gareth Goddard. Gareth has a keen interest in web design and online marketing, promotion and SEO, as well as DSLR photography and article writing. Check out for […]

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Top Web Design Trends to Expect in 2012

As a new year edges closer and closer, it’s time for designers to gaze into their crystal balls and imagine the world of web design in 2012. What new trends […]

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How to Know if You Need Hua’s Help

The Internet is an apocalyptic landfill of useless and lame websites that no reader would be caught dead visiting. Do not let your site be one of them. While you […]

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Top Ways HUA Can Help Your Business

When social media entered the online scene, marketing campaigns were restructured. Gone are the days of traditional media when companies used radio, TV and print as channels to commercialize their […]

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