You are now a contributor and have instant publication on our site. 

These are the words every connector is yearning to hear and is the equivalent to an accepted marriage proposal. Connectors work hard to get quality content on quality sites, while building a lasting relationship in the process. The relationship between a connector and a high quality site can be compared to two people building an intimate relationship with each other and considering themselves a committed couple – although not always monogamous. When the relationship between connector and site gets this serious it makes publishing content as easy as a walk in the park. Before getting there however, there is a dating process. Here are some tips on navigating the dating scene.

Interact With the Site

First, you need to show that you are interested in the site in the same way that you would try to show interest in a person. This is a quite simple step but one many people overlook. Sometimes it’s the little things that count and make the biggest difference. Like paying someone compliments on their looks or personality in a bar, you should visit the site and ask questions in the comments section or share articles on other social platforms. You are showing the blogger that you share the same taste/style in writing and content. This is the ice breaker step and allows the site to identify with you as you’re identifying with it and will make it easier to transition into the next phase.

Once you have interacted with the site by liking, sharing and commenting on articles, it’s slightly easier to have an open conversation about the content you want to get published on the site. The next step builds the relationship stronger.

Collaborate on Ideas

Once you have initiated the relationship and a back and forth conversation has begun, it’s good to collaborate on ideas for articles and content.  Like the dating process it is important to understand what you both enjoy and what you expect from one another. In the dating world this conversation would sound like, “Do you prefer seafood or steak? Are you a movie lover? Are you looking for a relationship or just a hook-up?”  Although you may already have a good idea of the type of content the site or person enjoys, collaborating on ideas and concepts creates a bonding experience and further forms a comfort level that will benefit both parties involved. Once these ideas have been discussed, the most important part is following through on your side of the deal and staying consistent.

Unless you’re in Las Vegas it’s uncommon to get married after a first kiss, the same applies with becoming a contributor after one article. Which is why you need to…

Stay Consistent

Going on one or two dates then falling off the face of the earth by not responding to calls, text or emails will surely put a halt on the progress of any relationship, and the same goes for building connections. Connectors cannot demonstrate interest for a week with likes, comments and shares, then disappear and no longer interact once their first article (kiss) gets published. That will set you back. Being consistent may be one of the hardest steps but is definitely one of the most important. Once you’re first, second and third articles go up, continue to follow the steps that got you to where you are. Continue interacting with the site, collaborating on ideas and waiting for the words you want to hear.

Following these dating/connecting tips will prove to any site that you are worthy of having contributor status. It may be time consuming, but any relationship worth having is. Just interact to show that you identify with and enjoy what the site offers, collaborate to prove that the site can be open with you, and stay consistent to establish trust. These are the lessons I’ve learned from my dating and connecting experiences that I’ve been more than happy to share with you. Follow these tips and someday you will hear- “You are now a contributor.”