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Targeting Audience Archetypes With Titles: Who Clicks What?

Many businesses have a defined customer base, such as soccer moms or college kids. Knowing this target audience for advertising is a great way to further refine ideation and article or infographic title strategies.

When you know the answer to ‘who are you targeting?’ in marketing, the remaining question is how to find them for targeted content placements. Here are some insights to help you find a popular marketing demographic, such as the business elite or yuppie retirees, in order to write attractive titles for them.


The ever-growing popularity of Facebook has not missed the soccer moms of the world. Many stay-at-home moms and dads use Facebook to connect with friends and family because they don’t get out of the house enough to do it during business hours.

Another popular forum to reach women in the 25-40 age range is Pinterest; sharing articles and information visualizations via Pinterest is much more effective than using Facebook, because strangers are more likely to share attractive visuals on Pinterest than on Facebook.

Instagram is growing in popularity with the soccer mom clan, because it’s quick and effective. For those who feel they can’t sit down to click-around on Facebook, Instagram provides the same sensation of connectedness in just a few seconds.

How to Target This Group:

  • This marketing segment clicks emotion-driven titles such as Bus Bullies: 7 Proven Methods to Protect Your Kids.
  • Although stereotypical titles may work for this group, many moms are looking for intellectual stimulation after long days at home with sticky toddlers; try titles like How to Build a Book Club & Meet Like-Minded Neighbors.
  • Do-it-yourself inspired pieces still reign supreme with this niche. Incorporate your messaging into articles about saving money such as Build Your Own Bookshelf in 45 Minutes With $7.


Image via BrandGarten

College kids are easy to find online because they’re everywhere. They will read just about anything, but often only share content that is bizarre, fascinating, or controversial. One of the best forums to reach young adults (aged 17-30) is Reddit. Content shared on Reddit requires very specific titling, because the readers are extremely wary of marketers, who they call ‘spammers’. Here are some Reddit insights for content sharing success:

  • Avoid ‘top ten’ title formulas, which are almost instantly marked as spam unless they’re from Rephrase listicles by dropping the number: 13 Tricks Mechanics Use to Make You Spend Money on Repairs could be rephrased as Mechanic tricks that make us spend unnecessary money (note that title case titles are often suspicious on this forum that defies conventions).
  • Try to be unique and thoughtful with titles, avoiding anything sales-y: How to Lose 14 Pounds in 14 Days could be re-written as How my sister lost a pound a day [pics inside].
  • With Reddit, choosing the correct sub-section (subreddit) of the site for your submission is vital. For example, an article that includes novel tips on life improvement should be submitted to r/LifeProTips. A piece that is bizarre and fascinating could be submitted to r/WTF. Keep in mind that each subreddit has its own unique style and rules, which must be studied.
  • User names have karma, which can be used to determine the authenticity of a Redditor. If you create a brand new account that has no comment karma or submission/link karma, people will be skeptical of your submissions. Try to submit random funny pictures and comment on others’ pieces before marketing via Reddit with a given username. Marketers who are ‘caught’ will be banned from the site, so never share anything sales-y.

Other sites that the youngsters like to visit include Fark, Google+, 4chan (not for the light of heart), Instagram, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Twitter.


Image via First Rung

The Judge Report is an excellent source of no-nonsense news and insights. For that reason, it is popular with Republicans and empty-nesters. Although it cannot be used for marketing, studying the site can be insightful for marketers who want to understand this niche better.

Yuppies can be found on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, but often remain in closely-knit cliques. To break into these groups one must create usernames with profiles that align with the ideas and interests of this market segment. Titles that appeal to this group are straightforward, insightful, and are relevant to current events and news, such as How to Get Invited to the Presidential Inauguration.


Image via MSM Designz

 Like the yuppies, serious business professionals enjoy the accuracy and insight of the Judge Report. However, business pros have been known to use Digg, Facebook, business-specific forums, and Twitter. If these professionals are not marketers themselves, finding them can be quite difficult. Here are some additional tips for this group:

  • Try to segment this group into industry-specific content, such as 18 Tax Tips for Self-Employed Consultants
  • Ask the client for their research concerning this segment. If the business elite have been targeted for content, often there is extensive background research that determined this group is valuable to the client; this research could be shared with you to assist in ideation.


Image via Aha Parenting

Tweens are most often found on Facebook or text messaging. This age group may start exploring other forums, but often will stick to the site most of their friends are using. To attract tween readers use content titles that have energy and that are written colloquially, such as Are You Your BFFs BFF?


Image via BlendedFamilies

This group of individuals is difficult to target because they may not use computers at all. Older people generally visit websites to interact with grandkids, but not to surf aimlessly or click random links. Often insecure about technology and how to connect with the younger generations, grandparents will click content such as, Gift Ideas for Grandkids Who Return Everything.

Similarly, children will only use a few websites, like ones their parents have pre-loaded. Targeting children for marketing campaigns often requires commercial spots during cartoons. However, a parent may share a piece of content with a child if it is something like 9 Photos That Will Make a Bored Kid Laugh.


When you target an audience with content it’s important to be mindful of the forum that population segment haunts, as well as their personal interests and needs. Through the process of trial and error, a content writer can learn about the sites where content will be shared in order to more successfully get information out for a client.

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