Calling All Marketing Decision-Makers!

We are excited to announce the launch of our second annual State of Content Marketing Survey, a professional study of the marketing landscape to reflect on the industry in 2013 and learn what practitioners feel 2014 will bring in regard to content online.

You may recall seeing last year’s survey, from which we created an interactive infographic on the 2013 State of Content Marketing. We also produced an extensive white paper with the survey data that included case studies and testimonials from a few well-respected content marketers. We will be creating a new infographic and white paper from the data collected in the 2014 survey, as the 2013 State of Content Marketing White Paper served as a valuable resource for marketers. It’s our pleasure to continue providing additional resources to our industry, and we’d love to hear your suggestions for how we can make our 2014 white paper even better.

Why should I participate?

With help from marketers like you, we will be able to better assess and understand the content marketing industry and create a valued resource for marketers and companies involved in content marketing. We hope it gives you insight into your market, and how your peers are approaching marketing in 2014 (and what they learned from 2013).

The data generated from the survey will feature the thoughts and opinions of experts and professionals, such as yourself, across all verticals. We’re greatly looking forward to hearing your insight and giving you a voice as a marketer or business owner.

Want to participate in the 2014 Content Marketing Experts’ Survey? The survey can be found here or by clicking the button above.

We would love to have your contribution to our survey, and we greatly appreciate your support and time. If you could also share the survey link with your audience and colleagues, we’d be very grateful; our goal is to reach as many marketing decision-makers as possible to get the most authentic assessment available.

Thank you for your participation!