High-quality content doesn’t just spring into existence when you snap your fingers. It’s the product of a proven content-generation system and a team of talented professionals who can interpret your goals and bring life to your message. That’s what we do at CopyPress — we turn your ideas and goals into shareable, authoritative content.

Why should you choose CopyPress over the many other content companies that exist? Understanding the CopyPress difference will help you see why we offer the most efficient, effective service in the industry.

A Community of Creators at Your Disposal

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CopyPress houses a stable of talented creators who work together to exceed our clients’ expectations. Not just anyone can work for us. Prospective writers, editors, infographic designers, and other professionals must pass rigorous onboard testing to prove that they meet our quality standards. More importantly, our creators must become certified in each content type to receive assignments in that category.

In other words, if you need product copy, we’ll choose an experienced writer from our pool of expert copywriters. The same goes for articles, blog posts, press releases, e-books, and any other content you may need.

We also employ thoroughly vetted editors who review each piece of content, make appropriate changes, and ensure the content follows the style guide you approved. In fact, our multi-step QA process serves as one of the most important attributes that set us apart in terms of accuracy and craftsmanship.

A Proven System to Scale Content

A blog post every other week won’t suffice if you want content marketing to drive traffic to your website, turn readers into customers, and create long-term relationships with your prospects. This is why many companies try — and fail — to create content marketing campaigns in-house.

At CopyPress, we’re focused on one goal: creating high-quality content. We have the infrastructure necessary to create great content at scale, which means more exposure and visibility for our customers. Since we work with many creators, we always have talent on deck to scale up or down toward your content goals.

A Strategic System for Increased Performance

One blog post, e-book, white paper, or infographic does not make up a content strategy. In addition to creating content at scale, you must also work toward a realistic goal that brings you closer to your overall marketing objectives. At CopyPress, we have a team of content strategists who work with our clients to better understand their goals.

Specifically, we use a KPI-driven model that establishes a specific objective for each campaign. Your KPIs might vary depending on your prospects’ position in the buying cycle and your business’s age and current visibility. Here are some of the KPIs that most interest our clients:

  • Building an email subscriber list
  • Increasing organic search traffic volume to a website or social media platform
  • Integrating Facebook and other social media sites
  • Inspiring direct conversions

When you create content with a strategy in mind, each piece of content furthers your goals. Instead of throwing words at an internet page to see which ones stick, you’ll have carefully crafted content that speaks directly to your prospects and inspires action.

An Unrivaled Dedication to Quality

Each of our creators can earn “badges” that represent the command of his or her craft and ability to generate results for our clients. They understand that we expect high-quality content, so they work together to exceed our clients’ expectations. If a piece of content falls short of our standards, the content goes back to the creator for another pass.

Each piece of content receives QA attention at each of these levels:

  • Precise editing from a qualified editor
  • Dual QA passes
  • Vetting through Copyscape to ensure no duplication
  • Google duplication check
  • Duplication check through our internal database
  • Google check for duplicated images

Only then do we pass along the content for client approval. While the QA process might seem long and complicated, it’s designed to make sure our clients receive content they can’t wait to publish.

A Communication Strategy to Ensure Support

When you order content from CopyPress, you’ll have questions — and we’re here to answer them. Our responsive team is always available for your support. You’ll have a single point of contact — your helpful client manager — who serves as your conduit to the creators who work on your campaign.

Your client manager will keep you updated on schedules, deadlines, and strategic changes. He or she will also work with the copy manager, rich media manager, and connections manager to communicate your wishes and to monitor your campaign’s status.

A Custom Solution for Every Project

Some content services provide just one or two types of content from which to choose, and clients must fit their expectations to the products available. At CopyPress, we handle content differently.

We want to help our clients express themselves however they wish, whether they need articles, e-books, white papers, or other types of content. We create a custom style guide with each client which details artistic and mechanical preferences as well as desired formatting and other details. Our creators can craft the content you want to see instead of a specific “product type.”

Some of our clients aren’t sure what they want their content to look like. That’s okay, too! We can provide guidance and explain best practices. If you want us to make these decisions on your behalf, just say the word.

A Route to Long-Form Content

If you’re looking for long-form content, such as e-books or white papers, we take extra steps to ensure quality and to maintain perfect communication. After you retain our services, we’ll select a creator to work on your project and prepare a detailed outline with sources. If you approve the outline, the creator will complete the project’s final draft.

However, we offer ideation for all content lengths. It’s difficult to scale content when you have to come up with every topic, so we eliminate that stress.

If you’re hoping to work with one of the best content-creation companies in the marketplace, get in touch with us and experience the CopyPress difference firsthand.

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