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26 Ways to Crowdsource Ideas When You’ve Run Out

As we look back on 2013, ‘crowdsource’ will be one of the top buzzwords in corporate America. We’ve started using the Internet to get other people do things for us, and have applied this to our offline world as well. Here’s how you can start crowdsourcing your co-workers, audience, and significant others for content ideas.

Did you miss anything on the blog last week? We also recap the best-of CopyPressed from the week before:

Exploring Image Virality in Google Plus

A good corpus of research investigates the information flow and structure of social networks and how they can be leveraged to promote the viral proliferation of content. Books such as “The Tipping Point” have brought such research […]

SES San Francisco Coverage: SEM Tools with Kye Mou

Every small business needs to use different tools to gather data and make decisions. Unfortunately, there are hundreds and hundreds of SEM tools out there (many of which are very unhelpful), so it can be overwhelming to know where to start. […]

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