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October 23, 2013 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

If you are a blogger then you understand how your blog is more than just a URL. You have a tight bond with your blog, as if you’re in a relationship with it. Much like in a relationship, there is a lot of work involved to make it successful.

There is a test you can take to determine your love language. Your love language is what matters most to you in a relationship. These five languages can be translated to your relationship with your blog as well. Here is a list of the five languages of love and what they mean for your blog.


For the five languages of love, words are for affirmation. If words, or the content on your blog, is what is most important to you than you are someone whose actions don’t always speak louder than words. Words are the very thing that make your blog exist. It’s how you use these words that’s also very important.

To be a good blogger you must be able to string words together in a way that is going to leave people satisfied and wanting more. The more of your words people like and want, the more popular you are going to become.


Time is a very precious thing to everyone. For people whose main love language is time, this means spending quality time with their significant other. If you are a blogger this means spending time with your blog. This includes many aspects like:

You will find spending a little time with these things will make a huge difference. The more time you put in, the more enjoyment you will get out of your blog.


For some, it takes more than words or time to make them happy. For people whose love language is touch, this means physically being with someone and being able to feel them, even if it’s just a high five. There are many way that touch can be associated with being a blogger. For a blogger who thinks touch is important, you may find yourself doing some of the following:

Touch can go hand in hand with time. The more you touch your blog, the more time you will spend perfecting it. For you appropriate and timely touches communicate warmth, safety, and love for yourself and your blog.


Acts of service (when associated with the love languages) means loving when other people help you. If you are a blogger that loves acts of service, then you make sure you blog is looked at in a positive light. A blogger that wants to have a good name has to have good acts. This can involve:

  • Link exchanges with other bloggers
  • Allowing other bloggers to be featured on your blog
  • Having your blog be a sponsor for an event – online or otherwise

By continually performing good acts with your blog name associated with them, you allow for others to spread good things about you. If other bloggers are saying great things and advertising your blog then you will have great opportunities opened up for you.


Who doesn’t love receiving gifts, really? It’s not all about the materialism of gifts for those whose have this as their love language. It’s more about the thought and presentation behind the gifts that matter the most. Sending and receiving gifts can be an important factet for some bloggers. Appeasing a blogger who enjoys gifts could mean:

  • Products for reviews
  • Giveaways for readers
  • Being featured on television

These may not all be tangible items, but they all bring attention and excitement to your blog. Readers love to enter giveaways and product reviews are a great way to earn free things. Also, having your blog featured on television is a great way to gain exposure and maintain an online reputation.

If you are a blogger, take these five languages into consideration and determine which one speaks more to you. You can use the information to better understand yourself and your blog.

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