Wow. We’ve really made it. I can’t believe we’re here.

If you’re just now joining us (way to be the latest person ever), we’ve been discussing the Blogger Outreach process in relation to a “super scientific” and “100% accurate” article on the Five Stages of Dating. And if you don’t understand my use of quotation marks in the previous sentence, what I mean is that the article that I’m basing this series on has zero factual information and it’s really just someone’s opinion. And also that means you’re not very good at sarcasm.

So far in our courtship with bloggers we’ve become attracted to one another, we’ve experienced ambivalence toward one another, we’ve overcome and committed to one another, and we’ve experienced true intimacy with one another. Now it’s time for the final leap: the Proposal.


All of your hard work has led you to here. This is the time when the romance between you and the blogger peaks, and you decide that you’re really going to do this together. The blogger has reviewed your work and has accepted any links, product mentions, or any other promotional efforts on your behalf, and has given you the green light. If you’re lucky, the blogger will give you a date when he or she will publish your article, that way you can plan for maximum exposure through your social networks, etc. Many times, especially if you’ve been concentrating on the professional and haven’t exactly built up a personal rapport with the blogger, they’ll let you know that they’ll publish your article “soon.” This is something you need to keep an eye on.


This. Is. It.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

This is the moment when your article is finally published.

Seeing your work on someone’s blog is equivalent to looking at your left hand and seeing a sparkly rock. It’s exactly the same. There are no differences whatsoever.

Okay, there are some slight differences.

The point is, now you have a physical manifestation of the metaphorical love between you and the blogger. Not only that, but whatever your ultimate goal was by getting your article live on their blog is now realized. Now you can report your live link to any necessary people or clients, just as you’d report your new engagement to your friends and family. Furthermore, you can share your published article on any relevant social profiles, as you would share your engagement with your social circle.

Another crucial element to this engagement is, well, engagement. Make sure that you are checking back on your article and answering any questions left in the comment section, or any other place you’ve shared your article. People are more likely to get involved if they know someone’s listening.

Uniting as One

Don’t forget how you got here. Don’t forget that this was a team effort between you and the blogger. Don’t be one of those people who become engaged and then all the sudden lets his or herself go because they have the assurance of a partner by their side.

It’s important to keep the “romance” alive. Make sure you’re promoting the blogger’s work; not only the piece they published for you, but other relevant work they produce. Make sure you’re tagging them in posts, and “liking” or otherwise interacting with them or their brand.

Discussing the Future

By the time you and your partner become engaged, it’s assumed that you’ve already discussed a lot of your future plans. Then again, some people decide to get married on a whim, so you never know. If you haven’t already done so, now is the last time to make sure you’re absolutely certain about the person you’re choosing to spend your life – choosing to spend your Blogger Outreach efforts – with.

What kind of wedding do you want? How many kids do you want to have? Or, in this case, what kind of blogging schedule do you want to implement? Is this a one-time deal or a continuous effort? Are you going to work on any specialty pieces for one another? Discuss and decide on the type of relationship you want to have, and what you expect from one another before taking the final plunge into marriage.

The Wedding

This. Is. Really. It.

The last step in your relationship. The ultimate commitment. The decision to accept someone as “family”.

You have to have the ultimate trust in someone to marry him or her. And just like real-life marriage, Blogger Outreach marriage means that you’re putting your name and reputation in the hands of someone else. Forever.

Once you make this type of vow to someone, you have to hold up your end of the deal. If you promise a blogger that you’ll deliver a fresh article to them twice a month, you have to do it. Not following through will not only tarnish your relationship with this particular blogger, but potentially ruin future opportunities if the blogger decides to go public with your marital problems.

And this means that they have to be just as reliable. It would be very easy for them to go back into your published article and include a link to a porn site or Satan-worshipping church, but if you’re in a “marriage,” you just have to trust that they won’t. Unless you’re into that kind of thing.

It’s been a long road to get here. We’ve been through ups and downs together, but in the end, it made us better people. Not only better Blogger Outreach practitioners, but better lovers. (Just let me have this, okay?!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Blogger Outreach series based on the Five Stages of Dating. For more marketing tips, tricks and best practices, stay tuned to Copypressed and all of its talented contributors.

Don’t forget to keep the romance alive. I love you.

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