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12 Embarrassing Article Types Everyone Has in Their Archives

Looking back at your blog articles from years past is like flipping through old photo albums. You can’t believe that hairstyle looked good or thought staying friends with your ex was a smart idea. However, these are steps you had

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Why Aren’t You Podcasting Yet?

Hop in my DeLorean, let’s go for a quick ride back in time. It’s 1998, the “early” days of the Internet, where America Online is king, and the rhythmic hums and beeps of dial-up routers fill the room before “You’ve Got Mail!” […]

Snyde Comments: The Matt Siltala Interview at Pubcon South

The always brilliant Matt Siltala was the next person to sit down with me at Pubcon South, and we really dived deep into the topic of content. Matt is someone I have personally known for a long time, and I […]

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