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The Smart Search Engine

The act of creating SEO is, in its simplest form, quite straightforward. The principles behind SEO don’t seem that hard. However, if doing SEO successfully were that easy, every company would find a way to get to number one at one time or another. Despite their desire to be number one, there are a number of companies that never reach the top spot because they don’t have the right map to get them there.

Search engines, in their earliest stages, were among the easiest pieces of technology to manipulate. There was a time when search engines looked for the site that contained the keyword the most times. So when searching for “hair growth products” the top search result would be a site where that particular keyword was found the most times. While the user might think for a second that they had hit the proverbial jackpot, they would click on the site to find that they were sorely mistaken.

What was happening was something called “keyword bombing.” (also known as “keyword stuffing”). It’s the art of creating incoherent text to attract views to the site without providing relevant or useful content. While the words “relevant” and “useful” are subjective terms, the reality was “keyword bombing” was neither of those things.

The reason that practices like “keyword bombing” were so effective is that these search engines, without the time or the manpower to comb through every site on the Internet, compiled their results as part of an algorithm. So, one big equation was responsible for the search results you would get.

These days, search engines are much smarter and are eliminating these practices by constantly altering the algorithms. Of course by fixing these algorithms, they have taken it a step further and have begun to fix other manipulations of search engines as well.

Page redirects have been another thorn in the side of search engines for years. These pages are invisible to the common user but are created for the sole purpose of manipulating search engines. The search engines have gotten smarter and fixed their algorithms so that they will no longer display more than one page from the same site in their search engine results.

The penalty for these offenses is to be stricken from the search engine forever. A good SEO company understands that a business needs to befriend the search engines, not attempt to fool them. It creates content for your business that is both quality and organic. A quality SEO company also understands the quality of link building as opposed to link buying. It understands that inserting authoritative links into copy can give you a bump on search engines.

Your business is far too important to not take advantage of these search engines, and therefore it’s important to do it right from the start. These manipulation practices are unethical and they are short-lived as the search engines get smarter. Do your SEO the right way and with a company who knows what that means.

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