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The Twelve Days of Marketing Sing-A-Long Video

For the past twelve days we have been writing about content strategy. Now it is finally time to sing about it.

Without further ado, we proudly bring you the CopyPress Sing-a-Long Video for the “12 Days of Marketing” with the adorable talents of Dominick Synder, 3, and Dante Synder, 6.

The CopyPress 12 Days of Marketing

Now try to tell me that wasn’t worth the wait?!

Give a big round of applause for the talent: Dominick and Dante who provided the American-Idol-worthy vocals so our audience wasn’t subject to the caroling of the CopyPress staff.

Although Dominick and Dante probably didn’t understand much of the message in their rendition of the 12 Days of Marketing, they sure enjoyed the delivery. This is a great example of how the delivery of your content is just as important as your message.

Audiences love information that is useful, but you know what they love even more? Information that is useful and wrapped-up like a nice, glittery, must-have gift.

Content shared in an intriguing, unique and/or funny way will always win with audiences, because when its fun, it doesn’t feel forced.

No matter how important your message is to you – the writer, marketer or business owner – never force it on your audience. Instead try and find a fun or interesting way to deliver your message so that your audience feels like you are entertaining them – not trying to make a sale or product pitch.

We started the series with a Lesson in Content Strategy and today we come full circle to end with one final lesson – think of all of your content as a gift to your audience, prospects, and industry members. By giving your audience golden gifts of conent, you can be sure that one day your audience will return the favor and think of you when exchanging their gifts of attention, business and brand loyalty.

A Gift to Our Readers

In case you missed any of our lessons (or gifts) from The 12 Days of Marketing. You can also find it on the CopyPress Advent Calendar.

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On behalf of the entire CopyPress team, we’d like to thank you for reading our 12 Days of Marketing series. Many wishes for a happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

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