Content Creation

The Value of Unique Content


Published: April 21, 2011

By regularly adding fresh, unique content to a website, a site owner can boost his or her search engine rankings, engage readers, and build a loyal following. When developing a website, the goal is usually to make it stand out from hundreds or thousands of similar sites. While cutting-edge graphics, animations, and sound effects can initially draw some surfers to your site, they won’t stay long if they aren’t presented with fresh information that can’t be found elsewhere.

Engage Your Readers with Unique Content

The Internet is a crowded world where virtually every subject has been covered in multiple ways. To the user, this is the attraction. No matter what you’re interested in, you can type in a few words and find endless free information about almost anything. This same situation can present a daunting task to anyone who runs a website. Plagiarism issues aside, if a site simply displays the same information that several others have used, this will be glaringly obvious to the reader and remove any credibility from the site. However, if the user finds unique content from a different viewpoint that is easier to understand or speaks to them, they will remember the site and return to see what’s posted next. It might even make their favorites list or be mentioned on other sites to generate those valuable link-backs.

Search Engines Give Priority to Fresh Material

By adding unique content to your site, you vastly improve your chances of being displayed on any page of the search results. The programmers responsible for these engines realize that if they display site after site with the exact same information, their users will quickly look to another search engine to meet their needs. For this reason, they added a little feature that removes duplicate results. If they see that the exact same information is included on several websites, they will only display one of them. Do they play fair and display the first site that created the information as fresh material? No, they show the one with the best rankings.


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