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There’s a Human Behind That Twitter Account

Today’s consumers are looking for any way to express their opinions and how they “just can’t handle,” or “could die for,” any particular brand or product. This release of expression usually happens via social media with our generation’s smartphone obsession. Brands that adjust accordingly on their social media accounts are doing something right.

Not only are they gaining a follower base and awareness for their brand, they are engaging on a personal level with one of thousands or more customers, making the customer feel valued. So who are the humans behind these clever twitter brand accounts and what are they doing to stand out amongst their competition? Let’s dig into this starting with one of my favorites.


How many series on Netflix are you currently obsessing over? How many Fridays are spent turning down fun plans with your friends to cuddle up on the couch with the nearest blanket and binge watch an entire season? For most of us that’s a normal occurrence, while we tweet about how much happier life is with the ability to watch episode after episode — all commercial free.

This is where the humans behind the @Netflix account come in. They do an excellent job at retweeting and engaging with these couch potatoes, creating a personal touch that sends Netflix above any competitors on Twitter. Some of their tweets are eye catching one-liners from the most popular shows or pictures shared by the actors involved. I’m almost positive you’ll get a retweet if you say something savvy about your “Date night with @Netflix.”


Nike takes a different approach at running its Twitter account. We all know that Nike sells athletic products and apparel, but you would never know that by just reading their Twitter feed.  They do an outstanding job of intriguing the active and healthy target market with motivational stories, pictures and quotes.

This is a unique strategy that is working for them. By tweeting things that motivate athletes who like to motivate others, their tweets get retweeted by the thousands. That’s excellent organic traffic to Nike, which has almost 3 million followers.


You might think that being a social media coordinator for a brand like Clorox would be dreadful. How many unique things can you say about a cleaning product? Well this guy deserves a raise. @Clorox has taken an ordinary cleaning product and turned it into an interactive masterpiece.

Each week, Clorox starts different games using a related hashtag dealing with cleaning something. For instance, my favorite game they recently placed was #CleanMusicians. They started out tweeting a few musicians names changed to incorporate cleaning such as “Taylor Swiffer” and “2 Stainz.” They used the hashtag #CleanMusicians and the game spread like wildfire. Other brand Twitter accounts including Tide and Glad played along. This was a genius way to get people actively tweeting about an otherwise uninteresting brand.


Do yourself a favor, and go read the @Skittles account right now. I want to meet this human, preferably soon. The Twitter feed is easily read with quick sentences that catch your attention. The ones that make you laugh get the most virility.

I’m not saying that all of Skittles Tweets make any sense, or even relate to the candy brand, but they are entertaining. For instance, “You wouldn’t believe how wild mushrooms get when they think nobody’s watching.” What does that even mean? Not sure, but it makes you laugh. It’s hilarious that an actual brand would allow this to be tweeted from their verified company account. This is highly attractive towards kids and teenage Twitter users who are presumably one of Skittles’ major target markets. Hat tip to this human, you are close to the most interesting man in the world.

Taco Bell

Whoever hired this employee to run the popular fast food chain’s twitter handle is a genius. He is doing all of the right things to catch the attention of its most valued consumers, aka late night eaters.

The @TacoBell account is going for one thing, a humorous feed that will catch your eye and make you laugh so hard you will want to RT it. They are aiming for connecting with the younger consumers and even talk in their lingo.

The strategy here is working as the brand has more than a million followers and more than one verified account…. Yes…. for Taco Bell.

These brands are more focused on engaging users and spreading their names instead of getting conversions. They treat Twitter like a branding tool that will lead to sales in the long run. Hopefully they inspire you to think outside of the box with your social efforts.

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