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If you want people to read your website, you’ve got to have some good content! Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. You can’t just sit down at a keyboard and start typing some words. You need to have content that will pull your reader in, get them excited about your business, and keep them on your page until they buy. If you are wondering how you can make your website or blog more “sticky,” take a look at these tips for writing compelling copy.

1. Know your audience. You need to know who you are writing to in order to speak to them. Picture the average person who will read your website. Think about what they might like, how their day may go, and what kind of family life they have. This will help you get a clear view about who you are writing to. The more targeted you can become with your audience, the better your website will convert.

2. Find your unique offering. The more unique your offering is, the more it will appeal to your audience. You need to stand out from the sea of competition. If your copy reads just like every other site on the Internet, then you’ll get lost in the vast offerings out there.

3. Don’t write in passive voice. You want to write assertively and authoritatively. Don’t use words like “may,” “can” and “hope.” Show your customer that they need your product, and they need it right now.

Writing compelling copy is an art, but it can be learned. Keep these tips in mind and start writing. Evaluate and refine your copy as you go, and soon your website will be a fine-tuned machine. Your readers will be better able to understand what you are selling, and that will turn into more sales.

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