Internet business people need to network just as much as everyone else does. For a business or a brand to truly become an online and household name, at some point, you have to take responsibility for constructing a solid network. Aside from Facebook and Twitter, the following is a list of places well-suited to helping you build your network online.

1. Orkut

Orkut is valuable for the fact that people use it with a purpose and not just because it’s popular. The best thing about this site is that many people in India and Brazil use it, giving you access to the movers and shakers in two very rapidly developing places.

2. Advogato

Advogato is a great social network because it’s very small and extremely tight. The best new ideas for the online medium come from people who are passionate and informed. The open source community is both, and this is one of their epicenters. Come here and find the next great ideas in their infancy.

3. Xing

Xing is a mid-sized social networking site is primarily concerned with business people in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. While such a regionally-specific site may not sound appealing at first, consider that these countries are some of the most financially sound in Europe. If you want to work with Europeans and have them as your next target market, this is a great start.

4. Talkbiznow

While six degrees of separation may not be true, it is true that the world seems smaller when you consider the connections between businesses in Talkbiznow.

5. Socialvibe

Charity may not sound very business-oriented, but one of the highest callings of a successful business is to give back. Socialvibe is all about charity, and it’s a great place to network with other people who think in terms of abundance.


Microblogging is a very useful way to express yourself and be noticed. Unlike Twitter, allows you to attach tags to your posts, which lets you be found even easier.

7. Meettheboss

Meet the Boss is a great site to go to for ideas on leadership. Since the Internet is where a lot of ideas develop now, it makes sense for business people to contribute to sites like this and connect with other corporate leaders.

8. Qzone

Qzone is a popular social networking site in China. Since China is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, networking here can be very useful to businesses.

9. Ryze

Ryze specializes in connecting entrepreneurs with one another. Since entrepreneurship is at the heart of an Internet business, Ryze is one of the best places to be.

10. Renren

Literally translated as “Everyone’s Website,” Renren is the Facebook of China. The next big things in China are being born and discussed on this site right now, so you’d be wise to be here and take notes. You should even contribute to effectively build professional relationships and gain business contacts with its users.

Social networking is an integral part of any business and that global connections are also important to form. Hua Marketing is a firm that can help you boost your business’s potential by developing a social networking strategy that delivers optimum results. With the above list of social networking sites and with the help of the experts from Hua, you can incorporate these online tools into the marketing and other corporate efforts of your business.