Back to school is one of the busiest shopping times of the year. From clothes and school supply shopping to open house orientations, brick and mortar and online stores alike are packed with parents and students chipping away at their seemingly endless shopping lists.

Growing up I really looked forward to this time of the year and getting the best mechanical pencils, the coolest colored folders, and Trapper Keepers. But now, as a parent, I realize back to school is a lot more work than it is fun.

Trying to keep up with all of the latest trends in school supplies, shoes, and clothing and thinking about planning lunch is rough. But fortunately I discovered that Pinterest is here to soothe my back-to-school worries. Several companies have created a variety of boards displaying clothing, school supplies, and creative ways to pack lunch that will make my road back to school so much smoother.

This is a great example of the curation portion of the content life cycle, where companies are sharing premium content with consumers in a setting that offers opportunities for conversations and sharing.

What Companies Got Involved?

Bed, Bath, and Beyond

For the older kids, Bed, Bath, and Beyond has created some great boards for getting your dorm set-up just right.

Famous Footwear

Everyone knows how important your kicks are in completing your first day ensemble. Famous footwear put together a board with great shoes, tips, and savings.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty put together a board that makes it easy for everyone’s little princess to be ready for that big day.


Target got into the spirit by making a board full of fun stuff to make a kids dorm room feel more like home.

Annie’s Homegrown

The health food company, focused on the younger consumers, put together a health-conscious board to help the youngsters kick off the new year on the right foot.

Opportunities Outside of Your Board

If your company is new to Pinterest or your account is still young, there are lots of people sharing content that’s related to your products that you can connect with. Check out what some average Pinterest users did to help themselves and others get ready for the school year that should have been on marketers’ radars for curation.

School Supplies: The Necessities

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the typical school supplies. But who knew that something as mundane as glue or colored pencils could be such a hot commodity for crafts or décor? Pinterest has made it possible for designers, parents, and crafters to share their unique ideas on how to utilize these small items in ways you might not expect.

Liz Boyer: Back to School Supplies

This Pinterest board offers some great ideas for getting creative in the classroom or at home.  This board also has some fun ways for motivating your child to study and complete their homework using positive reinforcement methods.

Patricia Montoya: Back to School Supplies

I absolutely love this board, but that’s probably due my love of organization. This board offers a ton of ideas for fun and affordable ways to organize the clutter, whether it’s your workspace, the kids’ playroom, or any other mess-prone room. The more organized you are at the start of the school year, the easier it’ll be to keep up with the chaos.

Cool Moms Picks: Back to School: Eco Supplies

Instead of us moms having to research eco-friendly supplies, this board offers a clean and organized display of all of those green items as a quick reference guide.  If you are a big eco-friendly /organic advocate, then this board is certainly one to check out.

Clothing: What’s Hot and What’s Not

One of my favorite things to do as child during back to school was clothes shopping.  I can never get enough of it and still, to this day I feel the same way.  Most of us look through magazines to see what the hottest trends are.  I noticed while looking through Pinterest, boards are used to promote what’s in trend for the upcoming school year’s fashions.

The Countess of Nassau County: Back to School Clothes

This board is awesome for moms shopping for the kids.  It displays really trendy clothes for both boys and girls.  Also, it gives us moms a perfect idea as to what is in style.

Meredith Wood: Back to School Clothes

If you are just graduating from college and need clothes for both school and your professional job, this is the board for you.  This board displays what’s “in” in the fashion/ business world.  This board will help young women accomplish that sophisticated, elegant business look that many young professionals are after.

Holly Palermo: Back to School Clothes

This board ROCKS!  Not only are the clothes very trendy, but I just love the way this person jotted down the great deals and prices.  This really helps you save time especially if you are not a shopper. You look at this board and know automatically what you are looking for and it’s cost.

Lunch Supplies: Best Ways to be Creative with Lunch

Pinterest has found a unique way to merchandise these small items that people often forget about.  Packing lunch and buying the perfect lunch box or container can make a difference in your child’s lunch.  Think about it; when I was a child my mom made yummy sandwiches and gave me the cool lunch box to go along with it. It made lunch break feel like recess.

This board is really great because it displays a variety of great items needed for your child’s lunch box.   If your child brings lunch to school this board really shows a great assortment of all sorts of containers that will help you pack a strong, healthy meal. There are so many new products to help their lunch stay cool too!

This is seriously the cutest board I have ever seen!  This board exhibits all of the cute lunch ideas to pack for your child.  Whether it’s a small car ice pack or a triangular rice holder, this board helps out with creative ideas to make your child’s packed lunch more interesting and efficient.

Emily: Lunch Boxes

Last but not least, this board helps out with creativity.  It displays great ideas for moms who want to come up with creative ways to make their child’s lunch more fun and exciting.  From cutout dolphin sandwiches to a boat made of mandarin slices, this board can really motivate your child to eat all of his/her food and maintain a healthy diet. These ideas are also great for finicky eaters at dinnertime too.

The Wrap

As you can see, Pinterest can be a great curation point for brands directly and for marketers to sync-up to. With a myriad of lucrative holidays coming up, you should begin planning your approach today for how to get the most out of this platform.

Follow these five tips based on the above examples:

  1. Image is everything – Make sure your images are high quality and that they belong to you
  2. Add Pinterest share buttons to your site
  3. Keep current on updating your boards
  4. Get your employees involved in pinning
  5. Contribute to group boards