Top Reasons Why Your Contact Form Is Being Ignored

Amanda DiSilvestro


June 18, 2013 (Updated: May 4, 2023)


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Almost every company website has some sort of a contact form that needs to be filled out in order to move forward with a relationship or with a sale. This is the perfect way to get the information you need to make sure you can stay in contact and offer relevant content to that particular visitor. Unfortunately, many visitors take one look at the contact form and click away.

No matter how great your company is doing at bringing people to your site, and no matter how great your content team is doing at keeping people on that site, the contact form is the vital next step that you need to really be successful. Company owners have to ask themselves: what is it about my contact page that is scaring people away?

Why Your Contact Form Is Failing You

shutterstock_74110669The truth is that this is a common problem for many businesses. A contact form is a place where visitors have to engage, but it isn’t always the most fun. There are a few different reasons that you contact page might be failing:

1. It’s too long.

This is the number one reason that a visitor would click off of a contact form. If you are asking a million different questions then visitors are going to be able to see that the minute they get to that page. It’s going to look complicated and time consuming, and nobody wants to deal with that (especially online). Have around three or four questions for visitors and stop there. All you’re trying to do is establish that connection, not necessarily sell something at this point.

2. It’s not easy to find.

Some companies assume that you only need one contact form, but that isn’t always the case. You certainly don’t want to be annoying (see the theme here?) about your contact forms, but if you conveniently put a contact form at the bottom of every page or use an internal link to the page, it will be easy for visitors to find without annoying them.

3. You’re not testing.

You always want to be testing different aspects of your business, and the contact form is one of them. Try different things and utilize A/B testing software to help determine which works best for your specific company.

4. You want a phone number.

This goes back to people not wanting to be annoyed. It’s assumed that the only reason a company would want your phone number is to bother you with calls, so they’ll immediately click away.

What does your company do to make sure that visitors don’t bounce off of your contact page? Have you noticed a difference after you made a specific change? Tell us your story and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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