In January 2011, downloads for iPhone apps exceeded 10 billion with an average of 30 million downloads each day. The Android platform is rapidly catching up with close to four billion downloads. As a result, both Apple’s App Store and the Android Market are being flooded with cool new apps on a daily basis.

Think you can just publish your new baby and take over? It’s not that simple. If you browse either of these sites for about five minutes, you’ll notice something: you can pull up two equally attractive options that appear to do the same thing, but one will be a popular download, and one will not.

What’s the difference? Is one really that much better? The difference could be that one app developer knows how to promote his or her product, and the other doesn’t.

To make sure your download count doesn’t get stuck in the single digits, follow these steps to promote your app:

Know Your Promoters

You can’t just issue a boring press release and expect bloggers and tech reviewers to pick it up. Instead, decide who you want to mention your app on their site and provide them with a link for easy downloads by choosing bloggers and reviewers who have established their credibility online.

Once you identify the bloggers and journalists who do the best job promoting apps like yours or other products that complement your app, come up with a few reasons you chose them. Give them a call if you can dig up a number. Otherwise, a decent email will have to do. Tell them why THEY are the person you want to promote your app.

Keep Everything Simple

Don’t bog your promoters and influencers down with details. Make it interesting. In most cases, they only want to know the name of your app, its purpose, why it is unique, the price and link where people can download it. Like the press releases, make it too long, too boring, or too complicated and no one will read it. Do your best to convince your bloggers and Internet trendsetters that your app is the hottest thing since Twitter, but don’t come off too gushy. Any kind of pressure could mean they will immediately toss your request in their trash folder–or even worse, do a “why you should never download this app” campaign. Besides, if your app is really good, they’ll want to be the first to write about it.

Consider Online Marketing Services

An app that truly represents your brand could be your ticket to both online and offline success. At the very least, it’ll make you a real contender in your industry. If you don’t have the in-house expertise to promote your own app or let alone create additional ones, hiring a firm that specializes on both app creation and web marketing is your best bet. Companies like Hua Marketing provide clearly defined online marketing services such as social seeding and linkbuilding that will help promote your app in a variety of online platforms that are highly visible. With the right marketing strategy, turning your app into a household name is effortless.