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May 29, 2015 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

Blog to Infographic

So you’ve created a successful blog post. That’s great news! The even better news? You can turn that successful blog article into a visually compelling, shareable infographic. I know what you’re thinking- “Why do more work when I’ve already achieved what I set out to do?”

Did Coppola stop after the first Godfather? No. He went on to create The Godfather: Part II, arguably the best one (he probably should have stopped there, though that’s up for debate). Infographics have the potential to drive traffic to a capacity that blog posts can only dream of.  This is due in part to that fact that 65 percent of us are visual learners, and with the massive influx of information we take in on a daily basis, it’s important to make your content stands out.

Getting people to read your content is only half the battle.  Getting them to share that content is where infographics succeed exponentially over their text based counterparts. A study by Buzzsumo revealed that having just one image in your Facebook or Twitter post makes it more than twice as likely to be shared. So what happens when your post IS an image? The results… are exactly what you would expect. People love to share infographics, more so than any other type of content.

What people love more than infographics, are good infographics. A successful infographic captures the viewer’s attention immediately and keeps them enticed, which is no easy task. After all, the average human attention span has dropped to just 8 seconds, shorter than that of a goldfish (thanks smartphones!). Your infographic needs to be clean, concise, and easy on the eyes.

However, it’s not enough for your infographic to be beautiful. The backbone of every successful infographic is solid content. Hey, no one said infographic creation was easy, but lucky for you, you’ve already done a good amount of the ground work and as for the rest, CopyPress is here to help!

What’s the Story?

You have a head start since you’ve already picked a topic that has proven to resonate with your audience.  Be clear on what it is you want the viewer to take away from the piece, and get them there in a way that won’t bore them to death.

Chop, chop!

Take a look at your favorite blog post. See all those words? You’re going to have to part with most of them. We see people struggle with this every day under the assumption that more is better, when in fact the exact opposite is true. So how will you get your point across? See step three.

Proof is in the Data

We’ve already established that people love infographics, and one of the most prevalent reasons for this is the easy digestibility of this highly visual form of content. Data is what makes this possible. Don’t tell me why I need your product, show me why I need your product. Think beautifully designed pie charts, comprehensive bar graphs, and sleek line graphs- is it getting hot in here? You may already have data in your blog post, but if not, now would be a good time to gather some.

Give it a Theme

When you hear the word “theme” you may immediately think of your niece’s Frozen bat mitzvah, but contrary to popular belief, themes don’t have to be tacky.

Is a theme necessary? No. Can it be helpful? Absolutely. Here’s why:

You probably think that whatever it is your business does is super interesting, as you should! Unfortunately, your average reader may not share your enthusiasm, and that’s where your theme comes in. Incorporating a theme opens a whole new world of possibilities to the designer- literally! Have your infographic set on Mars if that’s what you’re into. Anything is possible when working with an experienced designer.

Trust the Process and the Pros

We’ve seen what happens when infographics go south, so unless you have a professional writer and practiced designer on staff, it’s probably best to outsource the work to professionals. Send us your favorite blog post (we’ll take good care of it, promise) and let us turn it into an eye-popping infographic that will get you the exposure you’ve been after.

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