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Twitter Announces New Feature That Allows Influencers to Charge for Content


Published: March 5, 2021

Up until this point, content on social media platforms has been visible free of charge. For years, Facebook had the slogan “free & always will be” on its homepage, before you log in to your personal account. However, I noticed, that the message about no-cost content was no longer on their homepage. 

In previous years, social media was more about connecting individuals rather than connecting individuals with brands, or business opportunities. With a growing number of business deals happening on social media apps, there is an increased importance of money-making opportunities on social media platforms.

Twitter announced this week that they will allow for a new feature that allows influencers with large followings, dubbed “super follows,” to charge their followers to see their “extra content.” This could include bonus tweets, access to a community group, subscription to a newsletter, or a badge indicating your support.

Twitter shared a mock-up of their design for this new feature, and it showed the example of a creator, or influencer, charging a monthly fee of $4.99 USD to each of their followers that seeks that extra content. Twitter sees this as a way to allow creators and publishers to get paid directly from their fans.

It will be interesting to hear what users that don’t have large followings think of this new update. If you’re a huge fan of a celebrity or influencer, this may be something that you are interested in trying when it becomes live on Twitter.  

This is Twitter’s way of moving towards creating groups of people who like similar things, or similar people, called Communities. Here, people will be able to create and join groups of specific interests like pets or plants, allowing them to cater their feeds to the things that most interest them. 

There is no specific timeline announced for these updates, according to The Verge, but Twitter has listed them under “what’s next” for their short-form content platform. 


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