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Twitter Announces the Development of New Community Tools To Share Tweets With Custom Audiences


April 1, 2021 (Updated: December 22, 2022)

In February, Twitter previewed a new group-like feed option called “Communities” as a part of its analyst day presentation. These communities would enable users to share their Tweets within custom hand-selected groups of users, instead of sharing every Tweet with all of their followers.

Rather than simply Tweeting to all of your followers as you normally would, communities would enable you to make customized groups of followers specific to each of your Tweets. These community pages will allow you to expand your breadth of knowledge for specific topics and interests. This will alleviate the need for users to have more than one Twitter profile for their different interests.

Thanks to Jane Manchun Wong, the reverse engineering genius, we have an inside look at how these community tools might look.

Check out these screenshots below:

Choosing an Audience on Mobile

This first screenshot shows the different audiences that you could potentially send a Tweet to, instead of sending it out to all of your followers. 

Audience examples show that you will be able to filter audiences by hashtag and create custom communities by handpicking followers and placing them in a separate community. This is similar to the “close friends” options on Instagram where you can make a select audience for who can view your more private or personal stories. 

Choosing an Audience on Desktop

This second screenshot below shows what creating a Tweet with the addition of communities on a computer might look like. 

Choosing an audience to share specific tweets with is an exciting new feature for those who have specific hobbies and niches that only some portions of their following will like or understand.

These drawings were created by Wong using the back-end coding of the Twitter app, which means that this will soon be published on the social media site.

Another portion of the code for communities that Wong discovered is the communities creation page. 

You can see here that the community page would be joinable (see the ‘Joined’ indicator on the above image), with only members of each community able to see the Tweets that were published to its feed. The page has different tabs, ‘Home’ and ‘About.’ It seems that the Home feed will show all of the Tweets published to the community, and the About page will show a description and rules of the page itself.

For more information on the new communities feature coming to Twitter later this year, stay tuned to the CopyPress blog. 

Author Image - CopyPress


April 1, 2021 (Updated: December 22, 2022)

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