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September 20, 2017 (Updated: January 23, 2024)

It’s exciting to live in a time when technology is constantly evolving and the world is following steadily alongside. You’re likely old enough to have seen plenty of evolution in your time, from brick cell phones to smartphones, from bulky desktops to laptops lighter than a book. As marketers, it’s our responsibility to embrace and adapt to changing technology and paradigms. When you do so, you stay ahead of the competition and open the door to further innovation.

One of the greatest evolving marketing tools today is the interactive website. Just as few people care for the boring, static character in a movie, no one wants a boring, static website. They want an interactive website. But where do you start? A website is a big place, so how do you effectively integrate interactivity? You should start with an infographic or interactive quiz. Here’s how you can use quizzes to improve the interactivity of your website.

Why Does Interactivity Matter?

Changing your website and adding interactive content takes time and money, so what makes interactivity and infographics worth the resources? Interactivity primarily increases user engagement. A website isn’t just for posting written content, it’s for establishing a connection with users. It’s used for communicating with an audience, not just communicating to them.

Engagement and interactivity bring your brand to life, similar to how video content does. Not only does it give the user something to interact with, but you use your brand to create an environment that immerses the user in an experience between only them and your brand. In that experience, even if the interactive content is being accessed by hundreds of users, that one person feels like they’re in a personalized experience that is unique to them. How you choose to engage with customers will also enforce your brand’s tone, message, and essence.

Keep your infographics and other interactive material interesting enough, and you’ll keep your users coming back for more. This improves website traffic and builds links, improving your SEO so that even visitors more will come to experience the same engagement, compounding your traffic growth.

Finally, users are always looking for more content, but it can be difficult to keep up with the demand for completely fresh content when you already have so much on your plate. Once you’ve mastered infographics and interactivity, you can repurpose existing content. You shouldn’t just copy and paste, but instead use a great piece of content that generated lots of page views. Take those ideas and repurpose them into an interactive infographic or some infographic quizzes.

How to Make Infographic and Interactive Quizzes

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There are many routes to take on the road to integrating interactivity into your website, but infographic and interactive quizzes are some of the most effective. They engage user interest and test them against themselves. However, there is an art to creating these these quizzes. You’ll learn as you go. Some of your quizzes may not be as effective as others, but that’s okay. Don’t lose faith. With practice and repetition, you’ll become a master at crafting quizzes. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  • Cement your purpose. What role does the quiz play in your marketing strategy? Is it just to get more page views, or will it be built to show users why they may need a certain product or service? It’s important to firmly establish the quiz’s purpose before you write anything, because that purpose will influence the rest of the process.
  • Make a good first impression. The title is the first thing users will see when they visit your quiz. Using your purpose as guidance, craft a headline that is eye-catching and interesting. You could go with the challenge title (“How Much Do You Actually Know About…?). Alternately, you might oin the set of quizzes with titles like “Which (Insert Character/Hogwarts House Here) Are You?” Choose wisely. Your title will be a significant deciding factor of whether or not the user completes the quiz.
  • Determine the quiz type. Before you ever get to crafting questions, you need to decide on the type of quiz you’re going to present. Will you go with the personality quiz, where the user’s answers determine who they are? Do you prefer the knowledge/trivia test? Both are extremely popular. One is fueled by curiosity and the other is fueled by the challenge. When deciding on the type of quiz (and that type will vary from time to time depending on your strategy), remember your purpose. Maybe a knowledge quiz could test what users know about your brand.
  • Craft engaging questions. You have limited space to shine, so make it count. Use your brand’s unique personality and tone with every question. Treat it like a discussion with the audience, not the SAT. In addition to the words, use images to increase engagement. Also, you should keep the number of questions to a minimum. Again, this test isn’t an examination of their high school career. It should only take between two and three minutes to complete.

Get Something Out of It

You want your quiz-takers to feel like they got something out of your infographic quiz. Maybe it’s some fun information to share with their friends, or perhaps it’s just the sense of satisfaction that their knowledge conquered your questions. You deserve to get something out of the quiz, too. There are a couple ways to do this, but you can start by making the results of the quiz shareable, as well as the quiz itself. Getting those links on social media will direct more users to the quiz and your website.

As with any piece of marketing, the quiz should end with some kind of call-to-action. It could be as simple as a link to another page on your website, or you could provide links to products or services personalized to the user thanks to their results. Whatever you choose to do, never forget the purpose and strategy that inspired the quiz in the first place.

Sometimes, you may feel like your marketing tool belt is getting a bit crowded, but interactive and infographic quizzes will be a welcome and beneficial addition to your strategy. For more information on infographic quizzes, check out the Choosing an Infographic Style: Quizzes article.

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