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Use LinkedIn to Market Your Business

LinkedIn is the most influential social networking site when it comes to growing your business. If you’re looking for a network that allows you to connect with professionals, generate leads, and attract attention then LinkedIn is for you.

There are many social networks out there that can be used professionally, but LinkedIn is the best for marketing your business. Here are four tips on how to use LinkedIn effectively for your company and brand.

Spruce Up Your Page

Show off what your company does best by creating a LinkedIn company page. On LinkedIn, you can link to all of your products and services including recent projects like case studies, e-books, videos, etc.

tabsexample123Here are the main features to include on your company page:

  • Products: Make sure you clearly state what exactly you’re offering. As you can see below, members can go to your page and recommend your products so it’s important you list them appropriately so that current customers, past customers or partners can recommend your offering to others in their network.
  • Updates:  Make sure you’re sharing regular updates on your LinkedIn page. If you’re planning a webinar or recently published a case study share it with your followers. This engages members and if the content is compelling will gain some attention for your company.
  • Company contact information

Company pages on LinkedIn are very SEO-friendly. Make sure your company description is keyword-rich. Users are able to do searches for companies so including terms that describe your business, experience, and purpose will boost your search results.

Once you’ve completed all of the above start to ask your customers to recommend your product offerings.

Create Groups and Build Your Community

There are so many powerful impacts that creating a Linkedin group can do you for your business. Many companies have been able to really build their business and market their offerings just by creating a group. Take Lewis Howes for example—Lewis went from crashing on his sister’s couch to running a seven figure business and it all began when he started hosting LinkedIn meet-ups across the country.

groups1234Here are some of the main benefits for LinkedIn groups:

  • Connection to Community: People thrive off the sense of community. Connecting people with the same passions will create thought leadership and open up the opportunities to make professional and personal connections that last.
  • Traffic: If you’re in need of some traffic to your site then a LinkedIn group is an effective tactic to do so. If you want to gain some real traffic make sure you include the link to your site in the group profile, push out weekly updates and send valuable content from your site that they will find interesting. Add the site RSS feed to the News Section, include your website in the welcome message, and create a discussion that includes a link to your website.
  • Lead Generation: The more active you are within your group the more benefits you’ll receive. When you’re providing a benefit to the group members – whether it’s connecting people together, job leads, referrals, or delivering engaging content – you’re increasing your chances of getting leads in return.

Try Hosting Events

LinkedIn lets businesses to host events which allow them to target specific professionals for free.

linkedIneventsWhen users begin to RSVP to your event, it shows up on the recent updates of the home page. This allows everyone who is connected to your attendee to see the event which essentially promotes your event without even trying.

Creating LinkedIn events is easy. You just have to answer some questions and then you can immediately start promoting your event. Send invites to the people that are local, or that you know are intrigued by the events niche like your LinkedIn group members.

Work Those Direct Messages

After you’ve developed a solid network and gathered some potential leads it’s time to send some personalized messages. It’s important to connect with leads on a personal level. Check out their profile to get a sense of their history – positions they have held, companies they have worked for, schools they went to, groups, etc. Once you have a good idea of their interests and background, send them a direct message like this:

Hey ____,

I noticed that you played soccer at USF. I’m a fellow soccer player myself. What position did you play?

I’m really interested in learning more about ____ company.  I think that there are some really cool ways we could connect and work together. Are you free this week to meet up for coffee?

Hope to talk to you soon.

Personal messages like the one above can really drive home the connection and will spark the person’s interest in what you have to offer which will lead to a stronger chance of networking professionally.

What are You Waiting for?

Get your business on LinkedIn today and start growing your company in the right direction. Make sure to keep your profile updated with the latest information, news and products.

Already using LinkedIn for your business? What do you like about it? What successes have you seen by using it?

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