Twenty-eight percent of smartphone users watch a video at least once per day on their phone, and the majority of those videos are digital marketing. How does a company choose between all the available marketing options, and once that choice is made, how often does it use the same option on the same audience, and how does it get that audience’s attention, keep it, and motivate it to act? Fortunately, there are experts available to help. A whopping one-third of all online activity is spent watching videos, so video marketing is becoming increasingly popular. The question is, is video marketing right for your audience?

Identify Your Audience

It all starts with knowing your audience. Your audience is your target demographic. All members of this audience have some things in common, such as age, interests, gender, income, location, and hobbies. You can’t effectively market anything if you don’t who your audience is. Think about it: If you’re a millennial, are you going to be interested in an advertisement about adult diapers? Probably not. However, if you’re a caregiver providing daily care to an aging parent, the ad may get your attention. In fact, it might be a life saver. So, it all begins with identifying your target audience. If your audience includes millennials, video marketing is probably a great idea, because millennials watch the most online videos. Furthermore, men spend 40 percent more time than women watching videos on the internet.

Learn Their Habits

Once you know who your audience is and what they have in common, it’s time to learn their habits, and you’re most interested in the habits they share that could influence your marketing. Eventually, of course, you want your marketing to influence their habits, or at least their buying habits. Does your target audience attend church, go on luxury vacations, buy the latest and greatest technology, or change jobs often? If you know what their interests and habits are, you can tailor your marketing to get and keep their attention.

Choose Your Medium

Image via Flickr by Johan Larsson

There are lots of ways to advertise. You can choose from print, such as billboards and newspaper, blogs, social media advertising, television, and video marketing, which is generating some incredible results. Fifty-two percent of marketing professionals worldwide say that video marketing yields the best return on investment, and companies that use video marketing grow revenue 49 percent faster than those that don’t. Do you want to grow your company faster and have a better ROI? Then video marketing is probably your best option.

Develop Your Message

How do you know what to say and do on your video? Well, if you know your audience and habits, you’ve won half the battle. It’s easier to develop a message when you know your audience. The first thing to keep in mind is to keep it simple. All you’re trying to accomplish, at least at first, is to get their attention. Your video has to stand out from the millions of other videos that people watch every day. Videos up to two minutes long get the most involvement; after that the audience quickly loses interest. So, you have two minutes to get and keep their attention.

Include a Call to Action

One of the most important things to decide before making a marketing video is what you want your audience to do when they watch your video. Do you want them to sign up for something, shop for something, share the video, or call someone? You need to develop a compelling call to action that will have them instantly reacting to the video. A call to action should be well planned and well delivered. You should also be able to track the success of your CTA.

Hit Them Again

Once you develop your message, use it a lot. Studies show that the best results come from repeatedly targeting the same audience. You want to get into their subconscious. You want them watch your digital marketing over and over and share it with all their friends. For that to happen, it needs to be compelling and repeated. No one ever remembers a catchy advertising jingle from hearing it just once. Those old time favorites like “I’m Stuck on Band-Aids” or Coca Cola’s “I’d Like to Teach The World to Sing” became world-famous because they were played often and consistently.

Combine Marketing Media

A great way to get a solid return on your investment is to mix marketing media. Consider delivering a similar message to the same audience, but in different ways. You can blog about it, create a video marketing message, and place a social media ad. Using various types of media for delivery involves engaging more of the audience’s senses, and the more senses that are engaged, the better the results.

Keep Them Entertained

The best ads are always entertaining. No one wants to be bored, and they certainly aren’t going to share a uninteresting video. Humor, shock, and emotion are generally the most effective. If you can amaze them, surprise them, or make them laugh or cry, they’re more likely to share your message and take action. Why do you think those “feed the children” ads are so effective? It’s because they evoke emotion.

Be Professional

There is a fine line between being entertaining and being unprofessional. Be careful to not to cross that line. You might get lots of shares, but it will be for all the wrong reasons, and you could create a public relations disaster. That’s why it’s always a great idea to use a professional online digital marketing company to help you develop the perfect ad campaign.

Digital marketing is changing rapidly, and it may sometimes feel like a moving target, but the statistics obviously speak for themselves. Video marketing simply works. Seventy-eight percent of people view videos online at least once per week, and 55 percent watch videos every single day. If your company doesn’t have a video marketing strategy in place by now, you may be missing out on an incredible opportunity to reach and engage with your audience. The good news is, it’s never too late to get started.