Happy Birthday, Vine!

One year ago, the app launched, landed on our radar, and quickly became one of the trendiest viral tools of 2013. All of the cool kids joined Vine within its first few months, including Samsung, Puma, Target, and Oreo.

Vine has evolved into both a social network and a creation tool. On one hand, users follow their friends to see what videos they’re uploading and to upload videos of their own. It is very much so a social network. On the other hand, those videos wouldn’t be seen half as often if they weren’t shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Vine is both a free-standing social site and a tool for greatness.

Marketers have been touting the importance of video and mobile for the past few years, and Vine proved that both of those predications were correct. Video no longer requires bulky camera equipment; users can simply lift up their Smartphones to film, edit, and publish video content. Anyone with a smartphone can become a viral video star in just a few seconds – literally.

Vine’s influence was so impressive that Facebook made Instagram join the party and announced the addition of 15-second Instagram video in June. Many called Instagram’s new tool a major threat to Vine, but it has held on, and is going strong today.

Vine and Instagram video can live together in harmony. There are some stories that need 15 seconds to be told while others can be told in six. Yes, they are social video competitors, but it’s possible for marketers to utilize both in their strategies.

In 2014, Vine will continue to be a valuable tool for content marketing and native advertising. Both of these strategies focus on engagement and sharability to measure success rather than links, keywords and CTRs. They focus on connecting with a community and starting a discussion. The more that brands get creative with the use of Vine and Instagram video, the more success they will have when marketing to their audiences.

Remember, there have been a lot of “best of” Vine compilations today, but the app is still in its toddler stage. There’s a lot more creativity to be had.

CopyPress has been playing with Vine and Instagram video this past year, here are just a couple clips that we’ve made. Take six seconds to watch a Vine video today, or even create one of your own.

Happy Birthday, Vine!