The reaction we get when people find out we do amazing digital media work always makes me smile

“Oh, I thought you guys only did copy!”

The reality is a healthy amount of the content CopyPress is currently sourcing is illustration, infographic, or video based. But our abilities go beyond that, into the realm of the truly interactive.

As we look to scale out our creative marketplace we felt it was important to get information out about the work our trained digital media staff is doing, and capable of. Also we want to find more creative individuals to join us in a journey to move companies into the Native Advertising age of the Internet utilizing CopyPress’ content marketing automation tools and our awesome marketplace.

We decided to create something awesome that could show the world what the capabilities of CopyPress currently are.

Virality was born.

Virality is a video game spawned from the collective mind and talent of Dan Jones, Josh Kunzler, and Derek Fast. I am extremely proud of what they have put together and can’t wait for everyone to experience it.

Virality is going to be a multi-level game with levels released over time. It follows the story of Clix, as he battles through a world of Internet trolls, helped along by some viral stars, and challenged by others, to become the next viral superstar.

We wanted to share the game before we unleashed it, and give everyone a chance to get updates on not only when this level is released, but future levels as well.

We hope you enjoy playing Virality as much as we enjoyed creating it. Click here to sign up for updates!