8 Popular Visual Marketing Trends for 2022

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January 10, 2022 (Updated: October 19, 2023)

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The start of a new year may be the time your marketing department considers new strategies or rebranding for things like logos, web design, and infographicsStock image website Depositphotos created a list of predictions from its visual marketing experts to understand what themes and styles may be trending & popular in the upcoming year. Focusing on these visual marketing trends may help you adapt popular styles to your company and stand out from the competition on all your marketing channels.

Consider these trends when planning your marketing efforts in 2022:

1. AI-Generated Music

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I know what you’re thinking: Does music qualify as a visual marketing trend? It’s a surprise, but music can be an integral part of marketing and advertising. With the popularity of genres like Lo-Fi for ambient noise and work soundtracks and the existence of music visualizers, it makes some sense why this could be a 2022 visual trend. The artificial intelligence (AI) concept is interesting too, taking the experience beyond traditional listening to use information like your tastes, mood, or search history to create personalized music and visualization in real time.

2. Authentic Minimalism

It may be trendy to prioritize authenticity over a perfectly crafted public persona in 2022. Doing this may help you earn the trust of your audience through transparency. Consider using real people with wide representation as photo subjects, provide self-accepting or uplifting images, and share what makes your company or products the right choice for your audience. This trend may reach beyond your visuals to your written marketing messages and other aspects of your campaigns.

3. Storytelling

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There are many ways to tell stories using visual design. Consider motion graphics to illustrate a continuous idea or a photo series to show changes over time. These options allow you to show the full scope of an idea rather than providing just one piece of information. Data storytelling, or using data visualization through charts and graphs, or infographics may continue to be popular.

4. Immersion

Immersion is the idea that you’re not passively experiencing a work — whether that be a TV show, commercial, or website — but that you’re a part of it and inside a different, specific world. Expansion of augmented and virtual reality technology may help with immersion. The trend may work best when paired with branding. You can create online spaces, such as your website and social feeds, that make people feel like they’re entering your curated space and they’re not just viewing it, but fully experiencing it through multiple senses.

5. Metaverse

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After Facebook’s parent company tried to jumpstart this trend last year, it’s not a surprise that the Metaverse may be popular in 2022. The word itself embodies a futuristic concept, similar to immersion, of taking the real world and making it virtual through AI and augmented and virtual reality technology. Hallmarks of metaverse marking may include 3D renderings, avatars, or anything that reminds you of the glory days of playing The Sims.

6. Sci-Fi

Image via GIPHY by @BTTF

Similar to the realm of the metaverse, science and science fiction may be big inspirations for visual trends in 2022. Think Back to the Future meets NASA. Popular elements to incorporate may include images of space or ETs, experiments, robots, dark color palettes, and metallic hues.

7. Psychedelics

Trends in 2022 may be both futuristic and pulling from the past. Psychedelic art and lifestyles are most commonly associated with the 1960s and 1970s eras of rock music and hippie culture, but they may make a comeback. Elements popular in psychedelic design include vibrant, splashy colors and interesting or abstract use of lines and curves.

8. Y2K Aesthetic

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Kids of the 2000s are now working in marketing, advertising, and influencing. They’re craving the nostalgia of shimmer, positivity, and pink, purple, and baby blue color swatches. If you could find it in Lizzie McGuire’s closet in 2002, it may work in your graphic designs in 2022.

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