The term multimedia content encompasses a wide variety of content marketing assets. From videos to infographics, what type of multimedia content should you include in your content marketing strategy? CopyPress is here to help! We will be hosting a free webinar on Exploring the Different Types of Multimedia Content. Join us on Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 2pm EST to hear our team’s thoughts and experiences with various types of multimedia content.

How Can I Join?

Our webinar is free for anyone to join. Register for our Exploring the Different Types of Multimedia Content webinar to reserve your seat.

Who Will Benefit From It?

Anyone in the marketing industry will benefit from the webinar. Knowing the different types of multimedia content available and when to use them will enhance any content marketing strategy. For marketing professionals, the webinar will explore what types of multimedia content available today, the differences between the various types, and why they work. Business professionals and upper management will be given why multimedia content works and how it is highly beneficial.

What’s It About?

In this month’s webinar, CopyPress will discuss the various types of multimedia content marketing professionals can use in their content marketing strategies. We will discuss the benefits of each content type and why multimedia content is a large part of successful content marketing campaigns. The webinar will begin with the basics; what is multimedia content and why multimedia content is successful. From there the team will jump into the different types of multimedia content available and what makes each type unique.  Multimedia types such as animated video, live video, text video, quizzes, flowcharts, maps, and many others will be explored. The CopyPress team will discuss how to choose the right multimedia content for your goals, tools to keep in mind, and finally the future of multimedia content.

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