Upcoming Webinar: How To Leverage SME Content

Lauren Oliver


December 12, 2023 (Updated: January 24, 2024)

Leveraging SME content to build authority across platforms.

Have you ever thought to tap into your team’s expertise but don’t quite know where to start? The truth is that all of your team members present wonderful opportunities to tell your brand story in unique ways. And tapping into these perspectives will help highlight your company’s expertise as a whole and position it as an authority and leading resource in the industry.

The key is gathering all of this amazing talent, turning it into meaningful SME content, and sharing it with your target audience.

How To Leverage SME Content To Build Authority Across Platforms

When you join our upcoming webinar on Tuesday, December 19 at 1 PM EST / 12 PM CST, you’ll get the tips and tools you need to leverage your team’s expertise. Our Director of Content Analysis, Jeremy Rivera, and VP of Partner Development, Sabrina Hipps, discuss how to leverage internal and industry expertise to create authority-driven content that you can maximize across all of your channels.

This exclusive live event is designed for mid-size businesses, enterprises, and agencies that are looking for effective ways to elevate their content marketing and generate results.

What You’ll Learn

Jeremy and Sabrina will be sharing valuable insights into mastering the art of creating and leveraging SME content. Plus, you’ll discover all the ways you can use these valuable assets across your marketing campaigns. Here are some of the topics they’ll be covering:

  • Understanding what SME content is and why it’s more important than ever.
  • Strategies for finding and engaging with experts in your industry and your internal team members.
  • Maximizing SME content across all of your platforms — from blogs to videos to eBooks.
  • How to repurpose and turn existing content into valuable SME resources for your audience.
  • Creating intentional lead magnets by sharing this expertise through multiple content formats.

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Seats are limited, so secure your spot now. You’ll also receive a recording of the live event to watch on-demand and be one of the first to receive our new eBook Authority Building: Establishing Authorship and Authority for Successful Content Marketing.

Ready to dive in? Reserve a seat and learn more about your hosts, Sabrina and Jeremy.

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