Webinar Recap: Leveraging SME Content To Build Authority

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December 27, 2023 (Updated: January 24, 2024)

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Last week, CopyPressers Jeremy Rivera and Sabrina Hipps discussed the art of leveraging SME content to build brand authority across all your online platforms. They covered exactly what it means to establish authority in content marketing by connecting with and utilizing subject matter expertise, both internally and through your extended industry networks.

And if you weren’t able to join the live event, you can still catch the replay:

Key Highlights

One of the biggest takeaways from Jeremy is the need for established authorship across your content channels. This in turn helps build topical authority by connecting brand content to the writers and creatives who contribute to what’s published online.

Jeremy and Sabrina further break down some key approaches to identifying and leveraging authority-building opportunities for your company’s content marketing strategy:

The Concept of Authority

One of the key takeaways Jeremy touches on is the concept of authority and how Google views this in relation to authorship. The origins of this concept of authority go back to Google’s Page Rank algorithm, in which the creators of any given piece of content published online were used to signal quality, search-friendly content. Over time, this translated to transferring authority between sites and entities via backlinks.

Getting deeper into the authority subject, Jeremy and Sabrina touch on shaping a content strategy that takes these factors into account. Beyond the SEO and search parameters you can leverage to optimize for authorship, leveraging expert insights and industry expertise in your content is an extremely effective way to capture more People Also Ask (PAA) and search snippets. The advantage of this is the potential for higher rankings, more search visibility, and more traffic to your site.

Schema Markup Is Key

Another key factor in leveraging SME content in your strategy is connecting it all together. Jeremy paints a detailed picture of exactly how to do this through your site’s schema markup. By configuring these behind-the-scenes details, you’ll be telling Google and other search engines who created or contributed to the published content and where these “authors” can be found. This creates a higher level of trust and site authority, giving your content the potential to rank higher, increase visibility, and reach more audiences.

Identifying SMEs in Your Organization

Supplementing the content you create with expert insights is another key factor in building authority across online platforms. This can extend to working with ghostwriters in combination with SMEs to develop and distribute content.

In a lot of cases, you might find an industry expert who has all the knowledge but lacks the writing talent to create an engaging narrative on a topic. In these situations, expanding your pool of creatives will support the long-term process of capturing expert voices and turning this expertise into high-quality, engaging content.

Sourcing and Networking With SMEs

One of the most important parts of a strategy that utilizes SMEs is finding experts that can share their knowledge and add to your overall content development. As Sabrina said during the webinar, though, these snippets of expertise don’t have to stay within your blog. You can leverage expertise in quotes, podcasts, eBooks, social content, and more. It’s finding the experts — both internally and outside your organization — that’s key to enhancing your brand’s content.

Jeremy touches on several approaches you can use for finding and connecting with experts in your field, including AI tools and platforms like Twitter (X), Slack channels, and Ahrefs content explorer for authors. Using his “OPEN” method, you can find authors, speakers, and industry experts to collaborate with.

The CopyPress Authority Builder analysis is another valuable tool for locating and aggregating valuable SME opportunities for your strategy. Learn more when you catch the webinar replay, where Jeremy dives into using our analysis to find these opportunities and leverage them for your brand.

Jeremy’s “OPEN” Method for Building SME Connections

Jeremy shares his approach to connecting with and adding industry thought leaders and experts to your network:

Ultimately, leveraging SME content for building authority requires much more than adding an author’s name to a blog article. By leveraging these approaches, you can expand your reach beyond your website, build trust in your network, and collaborate with experts in your field for multiple content initiatives. Be sure to catch the replay for the full discussion.

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