Webinar Recap: Nurturing Leads Through Purpose-Driven Content

Lauren Oliver


February 27, 2024

Last week, Dave shared his process for turning casual website visitors into engaged leads. Creating purpose-driven content and distributing it across your marketing channels will be key in leveraging this approach to driving leads and generating conversions with your company’s content marketing efforts.

If you weren’t able to join us for the live event, be sure to catch the replay on the CopyPress YouTube channel.

Key Highlights

Use this process to interact with your customers throughout your pipeline, boost engagement, and generate more conversions:

Understand Your Audience’s Needs

Understanding your audience means understanding their needs. So, the first step is to uncover what your audience needs. People have problems, and you’re representing a solution to those problems. And you can figure this out with your keyword research. What are your leads searching for online? What information do they need? What problems are they trying to solve? Figure out these primary areas to get a better picture of how your brand’s content can fulfill these needs.

Craft Compelling Headlines and Content

Just like a kid in school, we’re looking at the “who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” “why,” and “how” when crafting compelling headlines. This is to give a clear overview of what audiences can expect from your content. If the headline isn’t engaging enough to get clicks, you won’t attract visitors — let alone generate leads — to your site.

That said, focus on identifying the need or problem in the title and enticing leads with a desired solution. Dave’s approach using the three U’s is also effective here. Make the headline “useful,” “urgent,” and “ultra-specific.”

Dave also hits on what it takes to create truly compelling content. Consider the human experience and get insights, quotes, and even interviews with experts on your team or within your company’s industry. Answer the questions target audiences have and solve problems.

Use Different Types of Lead Magnets

Lead magnets cover a range of content formats, but the key is identifying and using the ones that are most effective for your business — and lead gen efforts. Most people think of landing or sales pages that drive visitors to an offer, like a product purchase or service trial. However, there are plenty of other types out there:

  • eBooks.
  • White papers.
  • Workbooks.
  • Surveys and polls.
  • Webinars.
  • Podcasts.
  • Case studies and industry reports.
  • Templates, tools, and calculators.

Depending on the goals, different types of lead magnets can be more effective in different situations. The key is to continue testing, measuring, and adjusting as you gain more insights into what’s working best to drive traffic and generate leads.

Create Purpose-Driven Newsletters

So, what do you do once you drive traffic to offers, signups, and subscriptions? Nurture these leads through purpose-driven newsletters. Newsletters are a soft way to build up to conversions. They create a steady stream of communication and build awareness through an exchange of value. Yes, you’re ultimately going to pitch to your prospects, but you’re also going to be offering them something of value. The key here is to provide value more than you pitch your company’s offer.

Dave covers his approach to structuring newsletters during the webinar, but the overall process includes making content scannable, creating clear subheadings or section breaks to keep it flowing, and mixing and matching different content types to ascertain what your audience engages with most. Personalization is another vital element, which you can learn more about when you tune into the replay, along with some of our favorite newsletter content ideas.

Track Your Content Engagement

Tracking content performance and your audience’s engagement comes down to watching the right metrics and using this data to adjust and iterate your content processes. Here are the basic metrics Dave suggests monitoring to gauge the effectiveness of your purpose-driven content:

  • Page views.
  • Users.
  • Bounce rate.
  • Click-through rate (CTR).
  • Conversions.
  • Traffic sources.
  • Open rates (for email newsletters).

You’ll monitor different metrics for different content campaigns, however, the above list provides a solid point to start from when planning your strategy.

Do You Have a FAQ? Expert Tips From Liz Groth

Always keep in mind that expert insights can come directly from your internal teams. One place to go that can help you uncover your audience’s needs (and high-value content topics) is your sales team. Our Partner Development Manager, Liz Groth, shared her insights into crafting purpose-driven content designed to enhance your lead gen efforts.

You can address the most common questions your target audience has about your products or services in a FAQ — like the landing pages we’re building at CopyPress. With insights from your sales team, you can find out exactly what information people are looking for when they visit your website. Then, you can use this insight to create high-value, engaging content that converts. Be sure to catch the replay for the full discussion.

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