CopyPress excels at scaling content. Why do we have such great success at scaling content? One of the reasons is the style guide we create for every client and every campaign. CopyPress will be hosting a free webinar on The Importance of a Style Guide and how to Create One. Join us on Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at 2pm EST to hear why style guides are so important and how we create them.

How Can I Join?

Our webinar is free for anyone to join. Register for webinar on The Importance of a Style Guide and how to Create One to reserve your seat.

Who Will Benefit From It?

Creatives and marketing professionals will all benefit from our webinar. Marketing professionals will learn what should be communicated to their writing team or outsourcing partner. Writing professionals will benefit from The Importance of a Style Guide and how to Create One webinar by learning to create style guides for the campaigns they create content for.

What’s It About?

The Importance of a Style Guide and how to Create One webinar will first briefly discuss what is a style guide and continue on to why a style guide is crucial to campaigns. What is included in style guides? Who utilizes the style guides? Why and how do style guides help the creative team? And how should other teams use the style guide. All of these questions will be answered along with insights from CopyPress’ copy team and CEO, Dave Snyder. After we finish the importance section of style guides, we will move into how to create a style guide. The team will take you step by step from first interaction with a client or new campaign, to a questionnaire, creating the style guide, and revising the style guide. We will provide examples of what should be included as well as answer any questions the audience may have.

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