Don’t forget to sign up for tomorrow’s webinar on Creating Effective Titles and Headlines. The webinar, hosted by our very own Derek Miller, will discuss the process of creating effective titles and headlines. Our Editorial Content Manager will join Derek to explain tips and tricks we use here at CopyPress and insights from our awesome content team. And of course there will be many opportunities for everyone to ask questions and give your own techniques.


The webinar will begin tomorrow, Tuesday, July 26th at 2pm EST. Click the registration link to sign up now!


Anyone can join, the webinar is free! We encourage marketing professionals and creators to participate. The webinar will give marketing professionals an inside look on creating effective titles and headlines and know what to look for when reviewing content. Creators are welcome to grow their knowledge and experience in creating titles and headlines – or even participate and tell everyone how you personally tackle the creation side, tips, or tricks you use.

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