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22 Ways To Get the Most Out Of Your Content and Optimize For Search

Search Rankings aren’t just for SEOs anymore. Writers, Designers and Content Creators are all looking to improve their visibility and make the most of their content. After all, what’s the point of producing amazing works if no one ever sees them? Check out our 22 tips for optimizing your content for search.

1. Use Important Keywords in Your Title

By adding important keywords to your title, you’re helping your fans just as much as your website. Kelly’s Recipe for Pineapple Guava Frosting is a stronger title than Try This Delicious Frosting! People searching for Pineapple Guava frosting recipes will appreciate your post and you’ll see more traffic when you’re not competing with every other post about frosting on its own.

2. Fill in Title Tags

If you can’t get everything you want to say in a a headline without making it sound like an advertisement, or can’t help using a cute but not-so-descriptive title, fill in the headline in the Title Tag. The Title Tag is how the headline will appear in search engines. You can make your article headline Yum! Pineapple Guava Frosting! and make the Title Tag Recipe from Kelly’s Bakery in Atlanta: Pineapple Guava Frosting. Your title becomes useful to people in Atlanta who are looking for bakeries.

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