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18 Editorial Calendar Tools That Help Manage And Organize Your Content

Without an organized Editorial Calendar, it’s easy for blogs to get out of hand. Posts can become sporadic, authors will blow past deadlines and many great ideas will be lost in the clutter. With these 18 tools, you can make sure your editorial calendar never has a hair out of place.

1. Podio

Podio is useful if you’re the only one using it or if you need to collaborate with a large group of people. You can assign tasks with reminders and keep tabs on how projects are coming along. It’s much easier than sending follow-up emails.

2. Mindmeister

This is great for ideation. If your team can’t get together in person, sign into the mind map online and brainstorm. Even if everyone can’t get together at the same time, you can save and send the map for people to add to.

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