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What is Outsourcing Marketing?


Published: December 1, 2011 (Updated: August 21, 2019)

According to Wikipedia, “outsourcing” is subcontracting a process like product design or manufacturing to a third-party company. In a content marketing context, most businesses are structured to offer their products and services but are not often formed to be content publishers.

With the Marketing 2.0 environment nowadays, businesses must think like publishers and create relationships with their market. Your business will save time, reduce errors and retain consistency while conforming to a production timeline if you outsource your marketing process to companies like Hua Marketing. Marketing Process Outsourcing (MPO) firms like Hua specialize in creating and executing a specific content marketing strategy for your business.

What Content Can You Outsource?

There is now a growing trend to outsource a wide array of content publishing and marketing projects to online marketing service providers. Below is a partial list of content publishing and marketing projects that you can outsource.

  • Newsletters and email Campaigns
  • Books and ebooks
  • Expert advice columns
  • Website information updates
  • Blog maintenance
  • Podcasts and videos
  • White Papers
  • Annual reports
  • Trade publications

Why Outsource Your Content and Marketing Projects?

A clear marketing strategy is needed in order for a business to succeed. However, it can be a daunting task for someone to run a company and execute marketing strategies at the same time. Seeking the help of online marketing service providers can aid your business to reach your marketing goal. They can help you create the best content marketing strategy that fits your business, while eliminating errors and false starts and saving your time and money.

When planning on outsourcing an aspect or your entire marketing project, look for an MPO company that does NOT charge a one-fee-fits-all rate. Seek the help of hands-on and results oriented marketing firms that offer easy-to-understand process of selecting the right services to fill your marketing needs. That way, you are guaranteed to get quality deliverables that your business deserves.


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