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December 8, 2011 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

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Nowadays, ranking your page in search engines is more than just acquiring backlinks. Your content will also need tweets, likes and votes from social media users. However, measuring search’s return-of-investment (ROI) is easier than scaling social media success. That’s why marketers see search as a safe haven to invest. Additionally, search engine users intend to look for something which is closer to purchasing decisions; whereas social media users log-on to socialize.

But through Internet’s evolution, social signals now also impact SEO rankings. Search engines see these signals as a human act, encouraging marketers to invest in social seeding as part of their online marketing strategy.

Social seeding is an online marketing process wherein quality content is showcased on highly visible platforms like blogs, social aggregation sites, social communities, portals, email and even messaging services.

So how can you utilize social media to build your online presence?

Create Shareable Content

Placing social buttons to your web page is one thing. However, you’ll need to understand what element greatly influences a user to share your content. A typical user shares content on his or her social media profile because it’s interesting, useful, informative, inspiring or entertaining. Moreover, users share content that contains elements—like the product or services itself, its description, review, images, videos, and price—presented in a creative and unique way.

Facebook Seeding

Having an established Facebook fan base enables your content to gain more views and likes. As a result, Facebook seeding supports your link and domain’s SEO. In order to boost your Facebook fan acquisition, you can display a welcome tab that will “dare” your visitors to like your page, or you can use the Facebook Ads feature to reach your target audience.

Social Contests

Running social contests is another way to generate immediate social signals and build your following. Let your followers win cool prizes by having them re-tweet a link or write on your Facebook wall. The core idea here is to present a prize that will compel your fans to share your content to their friends.

Social News Sites

Other than sharing content, Facebook and Twitter are also created to initiate interaction between the brand and its fans. But aside from these social media sites, there are also news sites like Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon that are ideal for content sharing. All you have to do is share interesting content for your online community without trying to promote anything. When a user up-votes your post, it acquires an inbound link from his or her profile. As a result, your content gets a score from a trusted site which directly supports your SEO.

In conclusion you have to remember that social seeding deals with the social signals rather than the website traffic. While your content gets an influx of traffic from these signals, it will not necessarily motivate conversion. However, social seeding will help your content rank in search engine result pages (SERPs), informing search engines that your brand, pages and domains are popular to actual human beings.

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