We all know the one guy or the one girl in an office or social setting with the attitude.  This person always has something negative to say about everything.  No matter how big or small the issue, it’s nothing but bad. They know how to do everything right and no one is as smart as they are.  These people are a cancer, they start as a small problem that quickly spreads, infecting others with their negativity.  One of the most important things for any growing start-up is positive morale and avoiding these people.  Without it, the business has already failed.

With a growing start-up, one of the most important assets is a group of people who can stare into the abyss with smiles on their faces. You want people who won’t abandon ship when the iceberg is right in front of them.

It’s easy to sit and talk about how important a positive outlook is, but actually being able to look at a difficult situation and squeeze the lemon? That’s a challenge.  Nothing at a start-up is going to run perfectly.  There is always going to be continued development through trial and error.  Some things are going to sound great on paper or in a meeting, but when you actually put them in action, blueprints go out the window.

When that happens, positive people go along with it and adapt to the situation, but the negative employees immediately will go into a diatribe about how stupid it was to even try and how they have so many better ideas.

This is why my first three months at CopyPress have been such an amazing experience that leaves me excited for the future. Over the last few years of my life, I’ve really tried to turn things around for myself.  I wasn’t a negative person, but I wasn’t exactly a glass half full guy either.  Through a few trials and tribulations I’ve come to always look at the positives.  I learned there’s no point in negativity as it never provided me any benefits. I learned that if you hold the ball tight and keep it on the ground long enough, eventually, the game-winning Hail Mary pass will show itself.

That’s what I see coming into work every day. I see almost 60 people smiling because as Dave says “We GET to come to work.”  If morale is the gasoline that runs an office, then CopyPress is running on premium.  It’s not about the fresh fruit that Dave brings in or tank-top Tuesdays.  It’s not about spending a Saturday out on a beach with coworkers or playing on a flag football team. Those are just perks.  Any company can provide perks. It’s about the people and the goals we’ve set forth. It’s about working with people who always maintain a positive attitude through the good times and tough ones.  It’s about seeing the iceberg that you’re steering the ship right into.

Our team is our family, thanks CopyPress.