What to Expect at the INBOUND22 Digital Marketing Conference

Lauren Oliver


September 2, 2022 (Updated: November 14, 2023)

CopyPress Inbound sponsor official media banner announcing the Inbound Marketing Conference 2022.

The team at CopyPress is heading to the INBOUND digital marketing conference in Boston. It’s our first time attending, both in-person and virtually, and we couldn’t be more excited! This marketing event is one of the largest of its kind, and from September 7 to 9, it’ll be bringing in digital marketers and business professionals from all over the world.

INBOUND has a lot to look forward to and a lot that the CopyPress team is eager to experience. So what can you expect at INBOUND 2022? I’ll be answering this question with some key highlights and must-see presentations in this overview.

CopyPress is getting ready for the INBOUND digital marketing conference in Boston.

Without a doubt, INBOUND’s list of speakers and contributors is something to be thrilled about. At this event, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from some amazing people who’ll be sharing expert insights and the latest info regarding content marketing, business, and professional growth.

I mean, former president Barack Obama?! Viola Davis and Dr. Jane Goodall?! They make up a small fraction of INBOUND’s long list of prominent figures. It’s honestly going to be hard to choose which presentations to plan for. Even so, there are a few featured speakers we’ll be sure to have on our radar:

  • Emma Grede, CEO and Co-Founder, Good American
  • TJ Adeshola, Head of Global Content Partnerships, Twitter
  • Dharmesh Shah, CTO and Co-Founder, HubSpot
  • Ethan Brooks, Senior Marketing Manager, HubSpot
  • Mandy Bowman, CEO and Founder, Official Black Wall Street
  • Felipe Ortolano, Strategic Marketing Manager, LinkedIn

INBOUND is a hybrid marketing event this year, and teams with VIP access can kick off at the guest welcome party Tuesday, September 6 at 7 PM. General admission begins at 8 AM Wednesday, September 7. In-person attendees have some exclusive workshops and community events, and I’m willing to bet these sessions are going to be the perfect opportunities for networking with digital marketing professionals, content creators, and leaders in the field.

The virtual side of INBOUND gives attendees a scope of presentation with tons of valuable—and immersive—opportunities to learn, connect, and network with people from different industries. Break-out sessions, webinars, and live chats are some of the opportunities you’ll have to learn, apply, and connect with the community. And these are just tiny examples. I’m blown away by the organization and consideration for those of us joining remotely.

The Tracks

HubSpot and INBOUND have made this marketing conference so accessible for both the digital and in-person experience, I can’t even begin to scratch the surface of it all! The official INBOUND agenda has the full run-down of every activity, workshop, and community session, but here’s a quick look at some of the featured highlights:

  • Build Your CRM: Get all the expert insights you need to level up your business’s customer experience.
  • Build Your Business: Learn from industry leaders what it takes to grow your business and get it to thrive.
  • Build Your Purpose: Looking for inspiration? Catch the talks on finding purpose, setting goals, and achieving success.
  • Community: Connect with professionals from around the world and find ways to build and nurture your network.
  • Build Curiosity: Curious about…well, everything? INBOUND is hosting some must-see events that’ll have you thinking, questioning, and planning new approaches to your business and marketing strategies.
  • Build Your Workplace: Explore a range of topics from the pros that focus on developing a productive, supportive, and inclusive workplace.

INBOUND Is Intuitively Accessible

Remember how I said I couldn’t scratch the surface of how accessible this event is? Well, I want to scratch the surface a little bit. The thoughtful planning that’s gone into this digital marketing conference is immense. HubSpot and the teams at INBOUND hit all the marks for making sure everyone who attends gains incredible value from the experience—in person and remotely.

In-Person Accessibility

The in-person side of things is looking…pretty good. Boston’s gorgeous as the season changes, and you have the city to wander if you’re up for it. Teams planning for dining, lodging, and exploring the area have a lot of ways to create an agenda. Plus, the conference venue itself has a lot of options for relaxing, eating, and schmoozing with your team and other cool people. All the areas are laid out with mobility in mind, making space for everyone.

Virtual Accessibility

Virtual access obviously depends on a secure internet connection, but beyond that, each activity is curated to support interactions and engagement. All of the interactive elements for virtual attendees are developed under the WCAG Accessibility Guidelines. Every page, media player, and widget is designed for maximum user experience. INBOUND also provides additional accommodations should you need them.

Come Meet the CopyPress Team!

CopyPress is an official sponsor of INBOUND22.

This year, CopyPress is an official sponsor for the INBOUND digital marketing conference. Our CEO, Dave Snyder, and colleagues from the sales, strategy, and client success teams are going to be there, hanging out at booth 13. So if you’re attending in person, stop by and say hello. We’d love to get your thoughts on digital strategy, SEO, and all things content marketing!

And if you’re joining virtually, you can still connect with the team. Visit our digital booth and chat with us! Share your insights, expertise, and ideas when you join our INBOUND community. See you there!

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