Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, and we here at CopyPress are busy scrubbing our kitchens or sitting on suitcases in preparation of the big day. It’s T-minus one day to turkey time, which means we’re just 24 hours from cranberry jelly, pumpkin pie, giant helium Spongebobs floating down 5th Avenue…

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….and, of course, there’s that age-old tradition of going around the table and telling everyone what you’re thankful for (family, friends, food, the new Muppet movie…).

Of course we’re endlessly thankful for our family and friends, but it’s been a pretty big year for the content industry. We thought we’d go around the CopyPress table and share what 2011 developments we’re most thankful for. Hey, don’t go backing out of this one– you’re part of the CopyPress table, too! Make sure you share what you’re thankful for in the comments or you won’t get any pie.


And trust us– you don’t want to miss the pie.

What We’re Thankful For: The CopyPress 2011 Gratitude List

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1.) Google Panda 

Google Panda? you ask incredulously. You mean that thing that made us all work overtime to change our content strategies back in February?

Yep. That Google Panda. That oft-villified, maneating, black-and-white teddy bear of an algorithm that hit the content industry like a Hall & Oates song: Whoa-oa here it comes, watch out content mills, it’ll chew you up…

We love Google Panda. Did it make our lives difficult? You bet. Did it make our lives better?


Panda was like Google coming down from on high and slaying those content mills with one fell swoop of a massive algorithm sword. Take that, keyword stuffing! Be gone, nonsensical content!

Good grammar, correct spelling, and quality content were saved. And the peasants rejoiced– and by “peasants,” we mean “writers.”

Here’s what our CopyPress table had to say about Google Panda:

I’m thankful for Google Panda putting the human experience back into content.” — Stefan Winkler, CEO

“I’m thankful that writers get to be writers again because quality is coming back to online content. I’m thankful there is a future for writers.” —Raubi Perilli, Community Trainer 

2.) Google’s November Freshness Update

Google CookiesImage: Bill Aldredge via Flickr

Google’s latest algorithm change highlighted freshness: Search results, like warm cookies right out of the oven or cool refreshing fruit on a hot summer’s day, are best when they’re fresh, announced the official Google blog.

Fresher search results require a need for fresh content– and as we’ve said before on the blog, that content isn’t going to write itself. Are we thankful that Google’s rewarding the hard-working content writers? You bet we are!

3.) Steve Jobs’ Career and Legacy

Steve Jobs’ death in early October sent the world into mourning, and we can’t imagine writing a 2011 gratitude post without mentioning his long career. Without Jobs, we wouldn’t have the MacBook Pro that’s currently composing this post, the iPhone, or the iPad– and the latter is especially significant to the content industry.  Users spend an average of 90 minutes per day on the iPad, sending sites even more traffic than the iPhone. The iPad and iPad 2 makes content more accessible than every before, meaning our content can be read and shared no matter where our readers are.

4.) The Launch of Google+

Remember Google+? That much-hyped social network launched by Google in late June? You know, that weird network that none of your friends are on?

Don’t count out G+ just yet. The network has slowly but steadily been gaining traction among users since G+ went public in September.  With the launch of Google+ Pages, businesses and media outlets are steadily flocking to the social network.

G+’s circles allow for finely-tuned content sharing instead of the one-size-fits-all Facebook approach. Instead of worrying about over-sharing to disinterested parties, users can easily share an article with a specific group of people (their colleagues, their fellow hobbyists, their family, or an individual)– meaning the content we write can be delivered to a highly targeted, specific audience.

Encouraged sharing and increased access to a target audience? Competition for the all-mighty Facebook? Yep, it’s safe to say we’re thankful for G+.

5.) Finally (and Most Importantly)…the CopyPress Community

No list of gratitude would ever be complete without naming the driving force behind CopyPress: its writers, editors, employees, and clients. Here’s what the CopyPress staff had to say about the talented people in the CopyPress community:

“I’m thankful for the positive and phenomenal writers inside our community.” — Stefan Winkler, CEO

“I’m thankful for the passionate writers within the CopyPress community who thrive on producing high quality content. I’m thankful for the support and positive relationships I have gained from working with everyone in CopyPress. The writers, editors, management, colleagues and clients have truly enriched my life and made coming to work an absolute joy .” — Ryan Christine Whitney, Community Manager

“I’m thankful for the amazing career opportunities I’ve been given with CopyPress. I’m also thankful for the wonderful friendships I’ve developed with my colleagues and the entire writing community. I am blessed to be part of this family.” — Josette Edouard, Client Production Manager

I’m thankful for the amazing people in CopyPress. I am truly blessed to have been given the opportuity to work with such a positive team.” — Monica Liriano, Project Manager

doris day turkeyImage: Allison Marchant via Flickr

Awwww! Now doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? But now it’s your turn at the table. Share your own warm and fuzzies with us (and don’t make us threaten you with pie again). What are you thankful for in 2011?

Share your own gratitude list in the comments!