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August 27, 2013 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

When used in the right places video media can be a HUGE asset for your company, it can both grow your brand and generate leads. It’s a great tool for publishers and companies to use on blogs and websites to increase their following. However, all the effort you put into creating a video can go to waste when it’s put in the wrong place. Let’s look at video locations that are appropriate compared to some that are not so productive.

Do This

About Us Page

An About Us page is a great location to post a video that explains what your company does – and why you do it. This is a place where you can help others understand the reasons you do what you do.

It is more valuable to see a real person talking about what they stand for rather than reading a company statement. People buy products and services from other people, and having a video that explains what you stand for as a company really adds that personal connection that people want to feel.

The blog Traveling Triplets introduces the three girls who write for it and their personalities in the About Us page. This paints a better picture of who is behind the blog than three author bios.

Not That

Contact Us Page

When I am visiting a company’s contact page, I am there to get the information that I need to contact someone. I would find it distracting, not to mention slightly annoying, to have someone in a video reading me a telephone number or email address. If I am trying to find a number to order my pizza, I don’t really feel the need for there to be someone there hand feeding me the number.

Do This

Features Page

This is a good place to show off your products and help people understand what you offer and how it can benefit them.

Take a look at what Apple did to bring to light what capabilities the iPad Mini has to offer and notice that the video isn’t just someone spewing out facts that you don’t really understand.

I don’t know about you, but 7.87 x 5.3 inches means nothing to me. But I do know the size of my own hand, and this video puts the iPad mini into perspective.

Videos on the features page let customers see the product in action and bring a human touch to the industry jargon.

Not That

Frequently Asked Questions

When you click on a FAQ page, you usually have a quick question in mind, right? Now think of all the other questions that are asked on a consistent basis…then imagine a video of someone reading those questions and answers to you aloud. Of course the question that you have in mind is the very last one, how frustrating!

Even if people are landing on your FAQ page to learn more, they want to skip over the questions that they know the answers to.

Do This

Our Services

Here at CopyPress we decided to make a video that simplifies a complicated process – the content life cycle – into something that people can understand.  We spend a lot of time explaining what we do and decided to make a video that showcases our services.

Not That

Splash Page

When I am prevented from getting to the page that I am looking for because of an introduction into the site, it feels like I’m running late for an appointment and hitting every single red light. It’s frustrating. That’s not how you want your visitors to feel before they enter your page.

Videos can be extremely time consuming and expensive to make. When thinking about an appropriate place to post a video think about where people generally spend more time, and if it would add value to their time spent on your website. Put yourself in the mind of a consumer. Take a look at Google Analytics to see not only the frequency of clicks each page gets, but the amount of time spent to get a better idea of where a video would be the most useful.

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